~ The chicken that wanted to see the world ~ never ending story!



5 Years
Apr 3, 2017
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Well, here is how the story begins, One day a chicken decided to fly out of her pen and explore the world! When the owners came out and tried to catch her, she jumped the gate and headed for the street.
Now someone else continue a part of it.
When she got in the street she said to herself; "Oh, Rose. What did you get yourself into?!?! I shouldn't have flown away, but that pesky hen next door dared me to!!" She kept running and running until she got to the neighbors house.

Not knowing where the barking was coming from, threw Rose off.
She turned around and sat down on a nearby rock.

All of a sudden a big brown creature came running towards her! It made weird loud noises (barking) Rose never heard before! She ran through a bush and stayed until the coast was clear.

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