The chicks are 4 weeks old...

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    May 13, 2014
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    And momma is leaving them. I have noticed her pulling away for the
    last two days
    I put them in an 8x8 run and they have been sleeping there until tonight
    Momma has gone back to her original coop tonight and have
    left the chicks behind. The were trying to find her when I went to close them in. I had to carry momma back to the 8x8
    I am going to assume that momma will continue roosting in original coop but what am I going to do with the chicks?
    Oh and I am going to be out of town til Monday. And don’t really want the people who are going to watch after them to deal with it
    I was thinking about not letting them out of the 8x8 til I return on Monday?
    Or should I just let it take its own course? Except I don’t know if they will go in the coop with momma. I also have another coop with pullets in it
    Or let momma go where she wants and keep chicks in 8x8?
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    Is there a roost in the 8x8 or have they been sleeping on the floor with Mama? She may be ready to start teaching them to roost, though I have had them wean that young a few times. Usually weaning is closer to 6 weeks, after they get them roosting with the rest of the flock.

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    IF you had left them with the her and the flock they would have followed her to the roost. I myself would now put them in the main coop on a roost at night and let them be in the flock.

    If/when I have a broody hatch she has her chicks in the flock at 2-3 fays old. She will take them to the roost around 4-5 weeks old, and then tell them they are on their own. (and go back to laying). IF I hatch them they go to a brood house in the run at 2-3 days old. The girls go and visit them, when they are 5 weeks old I put them in the main coop at night.
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