The color red and a roo?

Mrs. K

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Nov 12, 2009
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I have a BA roo. He is not too bad, a tad more aggressive than I like, but what I have finally realized, is the color red, really sets him off. I use the left over red plastic coffee cans to carry feed, and I have since he was a chick.

But several weeks ago, some scraps were stuck in the bottom of the can and I tapped the ground with the can to dislodge the food, and he came flying over, stopping just short of me, when I stood up, he seemed almost sheepish to see me. I chased him a bit, and got a different can to take the feed down.

This morning, I had misplaced that blue/yellow can, and really thought it cannot be that big of deal, but really, he was much more upset and posturing with the red can, as I dumped the feed in. The moment I lifted the can back up, he calmed down again.

Has anyone else had this response to a color? Or is it my imagination.

No, a lot of members here have told stories about their roosters behaving like that toward red things. I suppose it's related to the reason why a lot of waterers and feeders are sold in red. My daughters have been warned not to wear red clothing out to take care of the chickens.
Had a red-color issue with a few roosters and one tom turkey. We just removed the colors that offended until the animals settled. It helps to have red-flowering plants around the place. You can just overstimulate them with the color in a peaceful, non retaliatory way (flowers, lol) until they realize it's not just the color of a mature chook/turkey's wattles.

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