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    The Darklands:

    The Darklands are a mixture of thick, heavy forests and vast deserts bordered on one side by a steep, rocky canyon. Small Tribes of creatures called Darklanders claim territory for themselves and their people. Since the Darklands isn't a huge area, territory is in high demand and the Tribes are often at war fighting over it.

    The Darklanders are outsiders, most have been banished from their villages, and for good reasons. The Darklanders have the curse, or blessing of killing. They enjoy causing others pain and suffering, and it is here, in the heart of the Darklands that they survive... or die.


    How it works:

    The Darklands are home to several different tribes. You may create a new Tribe and name it what you wish, or choose to add a charactor into an existing Tribe with the permission of that Tribes owner. Usually Tribes have certain traits that distinguish them from others, for example, The Unnamed Tribe are all creatures called Lycanthropes which have the ability to change from human to werewolf form. No other Tribe can do this, so you know that all Lycanthropes in the Darklands are from the Unnamed Tribe.


    General Rules:
    • All BYC rules apply
    • Don't RP another players charactor without their permission
    • No attacking/fighting with other players
    • Have fun!

    Combat Rules:
    • You can't kill another person's player without their consent
    • Be realistic with skill level and strength
    • Only one attack/blow per post


    Creating A New Tribe:

    When creating a new Tribe, it cannot suddenly be the biggest most powerful Tribe in the area. You must build your Tribe up to that level. To start, your Tribe can only have ten members, these can be RP'ed by the Tribe owner or other players with charactors in that Tribe. You may have less then ten if you want, but no more then ten to start. Once you start building your Tribe, new Darklanders can be born, raised and trained to fight.

    Please send me a summary describing your Tribe, including the point below and any other additional information you want to include. Remember, this is a summary, not a signing form. Please write a quick paragraph including these points.

    Tribe Name
    Something that distinguishes them from another Tribe
    Description of the territory
    Any special abilities your Tribe has


    Signing Forms:

    Write out a summary of your charactor, including the point below and anything else you wish to includer. Please PM these to me, if you post them on the forum I may miss them and your charactor will never be added.

    Rank The rank only applys if the Tribe has ranks, not all of them do. If the Tribe you are joining doesn't have ranks just leave this section blank

    Political Map:

    Current Plot:
    The Darklands were formed thousands of years ago by the criminals and outcasts of the surrounding villages and cities. They could not face the forces of peace by themselves, so they moved into one area which they called the Darklands. In day to day life, they were enemies, but in the bigger picture, they were allies that fought against peace and goodness.

    Along with the Darklands, another series of Tribes were formed right next door. The Dragons. The two did not mix often, but generally they were considered allies with the Darkland Tribes. They believed in the same things and fought alongside the Darklanders in many battles. An offical alliance was formed between them and for hundreds of years, generation after generation, they were friends.

    As time went on, the Dragons gained power and expanded their territory to accomadate the growing number of younglings being born. The Darklanders began to feel threatened by their powerful neighbour, they felt that in time, the Dragons would no longer depend on the alliance for safety and destroy them.

    To prevent this from happening, the leaders of the Darkland Tribes held a secret meeting, deep in the heart of the Darklands. For three days they debated, discussed and argued over what to do. At the end of the third day they held a vote and it was decided that all the Tribes in the Darklands would ally together and destroy the Dragons before the Dragons could destroy them.

    On the night after the full moon, they invaded the Dragons territory with the intent to destroy them all. The Dragons, completely unprepared for the sudden attack, were bombarded on all sides by the very creatures they had swore to protect. After two whole nights of fighting, the Dragons were defeated. Most had been killed, struck down in cold blood by their allies. But a few survived and escaped the bloody battle, fleeing from the territory they had worked so hard to create to the barren slopes of a mountain range far away from the Darklands.

    At first, all seemed hopeless and many of the surviving dragons died during the first winter from starvation and the severity of the wounds inflicted by the Darklanders. The Dragons, however, were hard working and refused to give up. They now had one goal in mind: destroy those who had destroyed them.

    For hundreds of years the Dragons lived in the mountains, adapting to the harsh conditions and becoming even stronger then their ansestors because of it. They lived in secret, slowly building an army that nobody knew even existed, or had the power to stop.

    Now, nearly 850 years later, the Dragons are ready to avenge the death of their ansestors. They are ready to achieve the goal that has been passed down from generation to generation. They are ready, to destroy the Darklands.



    The Spartans: (Open)

    The Spartens are a mixed bunch of creatures of every species who live amounst each other. Since they accept all kinds of creatures of all different species, they are quite a mixed bunch. Their territory is very diverse to suit the needs of the different creatures who call this Tribe their home.





    Empire of the Hooliqigos (Zinnia-Hen):

    The empire has a complex society and kingdom, and all have the power to cast magical spells. They have a similar appearance to humans, aside from the fact their skin is often a light tone of either grey, pink, or blue, their ears are pointed, their fingers are long and spindly, and they have cloven hooves instead of feet. Almost all of the members live high up in the mountains in a town, where snow and frost covers the jagged ground in a thick white blanket until July, when it gets only a little warmer before October comes back and the cold returns. Several frozen waterfalls can be found and if you venture high enough a hot spring can be found. Down below where the water does not freeze is the empire's like, surronded by a dense forest that is covered in snow during the winter and filled with wildlife. Every person of their race is born with the power to cast spells, therefore many are mages or at least have some basic training. Women are rarely ever allowed to recieve ranks that require them to fight due to their society's strict ideas. Both genders wear a warm outer layer of furs in either coat or cloak form, though quality and appearance tends to differ between ranks and whether one is a man or a woman. Long hair is popular with both males and females, while men also tend to have facial hair, though there are sometimes others with shorter hair than usual. Between all classes, clothing is fairly elaborate.

    Voeaux Montbleu- A tall male, with light grey skin and charcoal around the tips of his body. Voeaux's hooves are draft-like; large with heavy feathering. His face is war-torn and old, topped with a thick dark beard, and his hair is long and tangled with several braids at the end. Large black hoop piercings adorn his pointed ears. Due to his high status, his wardrobe always varies. He enforces all of the rules within the empire, and holds himself in an arrogant manner. He enjoys his wealth and is quite the tyrant. Voeaux was born on Oktiqopal Isle, the homeland of the Hooliqigos Empire, to royal parents. He grew up to be a skilled mage, and was spoiled with an easy childhood that included full meals, the latest fashions, education, and as much downtime as he wanted. Once the land that the empire stands on today was discovered by explorers, his parents shipped Voeaux off with the colonists to be the prince of the new empire. Several wars broke out during his long lifetime, and he eventually fought his way up to being king, later separating himself from the Oktiqopal Isle to become an independent nation. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Only two positions left

    Bly Cordynn- Beautiful rose pink skin with darker tips covers her dainty, feminine body, and thick curled locks of sandy blonde hair cascade down her head. Her eyes are of a mesmerizing emerald tone, framed by heavy black lashes. She is often seen wearing a long, hooded white fur cloak over a lacy light pink bustled gown with a tight bodice and layered skirt. Buttoned over the tops of her cloven hooves and over her ankles are black fur-lined spats. Like most of the other royals, however, her wardrobe does usually seem to change. She is a very sweet, submissive young woman who is always willing to help her empire in order to please the king. Although shy and afraid at times, she seems to cooperate well with others. As a little girl, she was sent to live as a royal colonist with her now long gone father. Though she wanted to become a warrior, Voeaux forbade it as she was both a woman and already born into royalty. In order to obey the king and stay in the empire, Bly reluctantly agreed to keep her fairly boring rank when she was officially considered a woman. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Marc Corbette- A tall and burly young man, muscles bulging from his charcoal grey body. Marc has a stubbly beard, and the dark brown hairs on his head are shaven into a buzz-cut. He wears a thick bear fur cloak over a dark blue undress coat with gold buttons and rope with rank pins and a white blouse underneath, along with black breeches that billow from his knee-length leather boots, which have attatched riding spurs. Marc wears a peaked hat that matches his uniform. A single sword hangs from his side. He is strong in attitude, and has what it takes to lead his troops to war. Aside from his life as a powerful commander, he is also quite the ladies man and loves to act sweetly towards them. Loyal, but will not stand for anything he considers unjust. No one but Voeaux himself knows of his history. All that can be proved however, is that he was mentored by the king. (Zinnia-Hen)

    High Guard:
    Only three positions available

    Ulrich bon Yaghan- Pale blue skin covers his slim body, and he stands at 6'6 or so in height. He has upper neck length brown hair and a full beard of the same color. Ulrich wears the uniform of the warriors; a long black fur coat decorated marks on the arm to signify rank, and embellished with gold buttons with a matching Russian style hat with red material underneath. Under the coat is a navy and red military style undress coat with the same gold buttons, and tan breeches with black riding boots. He totes around a sword on his side and hides a throwing blade in his pocket. Ulrich is often quiet, but good-spirited and pleasant to be around once you get to know him. A family man who enjoys protecting the empire. He is married to Clementine bon Yaghan.He joined the Empire of the Hooliqigos after having fled his home isle. Later on, the man met Clementine who he married not too long after. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Sacha Bordeaux- An older pink-skinned man with long grey hair and a flowing beard of the same color. He appears to be jolly, and rather Santa Claus-like with a full belly and all. Sacha wears a long white robe with a band having a red cross centered upon it on it on each arm, and long leather boots with tan breeches billowing out from them. A pale blouse with a black neck-tie is also equipped. He is resevered, though very helpful and open to those who need to ask a question. Also very wise. (Zinnia-Hen)




    Sandrine bon Yaghan- Her hair is of silky dark brown, and her skin is a blue-gray tone. Sandrine's features are round and curvy, but most definitely not fat, just feminine. She wears her hair in a long braid down her back and wears the outfit of a female medic in training: a simple white apron over her usual outfit, along with a special red and white hair-piece edged with lace that she wears while working to show that she's a nurse. She is quite kind, and very gentle with her a patients. A good student who is learning quickly from her mentor. Sandrine was born to Ulrich and Clementine bon Yaghan in the empire, and has always been fascinated in being a medic. She enjoys helping those in need. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Mainly women who were rejected from fighting or did not want to fight. Some men too.

    Clementine bon Yaghan- A large light grey skinned woman, who tends to wear ample amounts of pink blush on the apples of her cheeks as she claims it makes her appear more youthful. Her hair is long and dark red, graying slightly at the temple. Often seen in a pale-green plaid dress with long cuffed sleeves and an apron, donning a white cloack and muff when outdoors. She's a bit of a nag, and more or less vain at times. Otherwise she's a fairly good mother and works in the artisan buisiness as a tailor. Clementine is married to Ulrich bon Yaghan, and has had two children so far. She was born in the empire's land and has lived there ever since, enjoying her simple life as a housewife and earning surplus money for her family while Ulrich is out working. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Corentin bon Yaghan- A dark blue skinned infant. Because he is still very young, nothing has happened to him yet and he hasn't shown much personality. He is Ulrich and Clementine bon Yaghan's child.



    The Tribe of the Mountains (BirdNut):

    The tribe of the Mountains is quite the interesting group. Long ago, their ancestors were banished long ago for defying the strict rules of their kingdom’s society, surviving escape and now their offspring own the land that the rouges had claimed for themselves. Now, they welcome other like-minded rogues to their little haven in the woods and the village has grown quite large since its establishment, residing in the base of the mountain ridge with lush greenery and a river.

    They are anthropomorphic animals; meaning that they stand on two legs, have human-reminiscent intelligence and are capable of language, five fingers and opposable thumbs. Carnivores of all species are permitted to join, so long as they are not aquatic. Birds of prey and Dragons are allowed. Animals that are Omnivorous but primarily Carnivorous, like Foxes or Raccoons, are also permitted to join. Hybridization is permitted and likely to happen in such a diverse population, but must be within reason. No crazy Dragon/Wolf or Bird/Lion hybrids; having Dragons in there is enough fantasy. Must be something along the lines of Ligers, Leopons; and hybrids between other closely related species. Though not witnessed in real life, Fox/wolves and hybrids of the like will be allowable due to their adequately close relation. Gryphons are allowed and can be mated with either a bird, a feline, or another Gryphon.

    Adonis- He is the clever and fierce leader who has long been the mastermind of the entire society’s structure, and he was the one who established such an organized hierarchy among the society. He’s smart, but mostly quiet, having a wild, sadistic counterpart to his personality when in battle. He is a brindle-colored Wolf with a pelt of ebony streaked in rufous, with three jagged scars ripped across his face and three claw marks on his face when he was challenged by a foolish and greedy young Black Bear who longed for his position. (BirdNut)

    Arianna- A very attractive, snow white Arctic vixen with long white hair that falls almost to her waist. She appears very delicate and feminine-like her perfectly manicured fingernails and piercingly beautiful, large blue eyes. Her ears are sloped to form two perfect peaks covered with soft white fur. Gentle curves fit beneath her shoulders, forming a slender build and long, smooth legs. She has a long, flowing tail with the thick white fur. Although she appears very delicate like, she is more than able to defend herself and participate in battles along with any member of the Tribe. Like her mate, Adonis, she has a sadistic side to her which quite often surfaces when in battles or tough situations. She is by no means innocent or naive. (HollyBird24)

    Sebastien- A rather quiet lynx cross. Lean and built like, well, a cat. His personality is neutral towards most, impassive. His intentions and goals are usually hidden, whether he merely has problems showing them, or doesn't care whether they are seen. His coat is sandy gold, facial markings intricate and colored of onyx. He is handsome, tufted ears and soft features. Everything perfect in design, blemish-less. (Gerbil)

    Isolde- A delicate, slender Snow Leopard. She is of full blood, so she cannot roar. Her tail is the full length of her body, and very bushy. Her smoky-white fur is characterized by large black rosettes offset by small black swirls and eyes mixed with green, blue and gold. Her body is large, but held low to the ground, making her appear much smaller than she is. She is very passionate about snow and spends large amounts of time atop various mountains in the tribe-land. She is a stealthy and discreet killer, those she attacks never see it coming and those who survive never know it was she. She has a flaring temper that's well-concealed unless pushed to the limit, otherwise she is seemingly harmless and docile. Those her judge her by her appearance find that when push come to shove, she proves them very wrong. She much loves the expression 'Never judge a book by it's cover'. (NatureFreak)

    Aella- Aella is the rough-and-tumble, tomboyish yet beautiful Striped Hyena commander of the Soldiers. She makes most of the calls when advancing during an attack, but Adonis can still override her in the rare case that he might disagree with her judgement. Anyone who questions her leadership, she will punish harshly – especially when it’s for her gender. She does not tolerate the opposite gender stepping all over her, or anyone for that matter. Her pelt is dark at the roots, ending in shining chrome tips that her apprentices joke are actually steel - explaining why she is nearly invincible in battle – and her body is striped with bold, black bands. She has a spiked silver mane starting at her forehead in messy bangs swept to the side, and ending at the base of her back. (BirdNut)

    Theron- Theron is a Dingo with a pelt of rich orange that fades to ivory on his chest, abdomen, arms, and legs. His face is masked in the same light cream color, contrasting with his vivid green eyes. He’s sarcastic, pessimistic, and not a favorite among his fellow soldiers, but being very handsome, is definitely one with the ladies. (BirdNut)

    Oberon- Oberon is a huge, brutish Grizzly bear with a bad temper toward those he does not trust or simply doesn’t like, but he’s a boyish, fun individual with those he respects. It’s not a good idea to get on his bad side, especially with his expertise in using his axe. He boasts about his precious hand-crafted axe often, sharpening its granite blade frequently, sometimes obsessively. He has one blind eye with a claw mark streaked from his browline down to his cheek that he wears a leather eyepatch over. (BirdNut)

    Selene- Selene is a bewitchingly gorgeous knockout of a Cross fox vixen with a silvery pelt adorning her muscular yet shapely frame, intermingled with hues of chestnut, and a bold, black stripe running down her back. Long, sleek reddish hair reaches all the way down to her waist, but is kept in a tight, neat braid when in battle. Her face is masked in ebony, with a pair of heavily-lidded, piercing yellow eyes. Charming and sweet, with a sickly sweet voice, she can sometimes be – mostly inadvertently – alluring to men. Selene was a rogue that joined several years ago, so what loyalty she was willing to dedicate was dubious, but she has more than proven herself. (BirdNut)

    Jake "Stumpy"- Jake is a King Cheetah with a stunning golden coat, dappled with black rosettes and streaked in bold, black stripes down his back, and a tail that was docked in battle when a blade was swung at his gut that he narrowly dodged, and it sliced his tail instead. Oberon teasingly gave him the nickname of ‘Stump-tail’, sometimes even ‘Stumpy’; and it stuck with everyone else, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Jake is a youngster who joined the militia at a young age, so though he’s decently muscled, he is still fairly gangly in build. His mane is a messy shock of black hair that parts in short bangs on the top of his head and runs down to his shoulders. (BirdNut)

    Brent- Brent the Secretarybird is silent, stoic, and reserved. Tall and muscular with alabaster feathers, a crown of sharp, black dagger-like plumes extending from the back of his head, and black primary feathers extending from his elbows. He has a few minor scars dotting his body, concealed by plumage. (BirdNut)

    Casper- Every woman’s dream, Casper the Red fox is a genuinely kind-hearted, charming, and womanizing gentlemen who is handsome and young. His features are still unscathed thanks to his youth; like Stumpy, he joined the Militia at a young age. He is an experienced fighter that is more swift than strong, being just decently muscled, unlike most of his peers. Rich rufous in color with starkly contrasted black stockings, white underparts, facemask, and tailtip, black-backed ears, and his hazel eyes pierce the mind. (BirdNut)

    Wayra- A tall, learned long eared owl. While his job is as a soldier, his heart belongs to the books of the world. Besides his wife and daughter, his collection of books comes first. He is calm and never quick to anger, knowledgeable but can at times come off as smart mouthed. He is around 30 and the usual coloration for his kind, besides a few off splashes. He has a scar on the back of his neck, winding down his arm. (Gerbil)

    Manx- A rather sarcastic maned wolf; quick of tongue and almost as quick at dodging what is thrown at him after speaking. He is a little vain, and fairly self absorbed, however; he does have a huggable side. Somewhere. His coat is glossy crimson, eyes fawn and burning with mischief. His mane of black trails in braids from the crown of his head down the nape of his neck; Tail long and poofy. (Gerbil)

    Phoenix- A tall, slender girl with dark hair that hangs just passed her shoulders but is often drawn up into a ponytail. Her eyes are a piercing, golden/amber color that often appear to be like the flames of a fire, representing the Phoenix. She has magnificent, golden and red colored wings that form a wingspan of about 10 feet. Instead of feet, she has the wickedly sharp talons of a Phoenix, aswell as a feathered tail about the same color as her wings. She is a fast and agile flyer who, like a Phoenix, can also carry super heavy loads through the air. Her personality is firey and energetic, easily irritated and not fond of people who challenge her or attempt to present any amount of authority over her. Her previous family kicked her out and doubed her as "uncontrollable". She is very confident in her abilities, sometimes a bit overconfident, and will rarely, if ever, give in to anyone. Because of a troubling childhood, she never trusts anyone besides herself and is very independant. Despite this attitude, she is known to form unique bonds with people who she is close to and develops an extreme sense of protectivness over them. (HollyBird24)

    Field Medic:


    Crop Tenders:
    Often female, these individuals tend to herbs and important crops. Also, Soldiers regardless of gender that have violated rules will sometimes be forced to do this task a sort of ‘community service’ for punishment.

    Hannah- A quiet, reserved, jumpy, and socially awkward young tiger maiden who is very experienced with her task. Everyone says she has a green thumb, because she can grow even Poppies in the Winter under the lavish care that she gives her plants. She is a rich golden with many black stripes from head to tailtip, and light underparts. (BirdNut)

    Celestine- A small barn owl, kind hearted and motherly. Her plumage snowy and speckled with black; eyes dancing and golden wheat. She it the mate of Wayra and mother of Verena. Good with plants and planting, although she would love to sail the seas, and be a fisher. (Gerbil)

    Helga- A retired warrior and the proud mother of Aella. She is a drab, lackluster slate gray with a mane that’s grown frizzy with age. She’s your typical ‘old hag’ – irritable, sleeps all day, and is intolerant of children and adults that act like children. She’s very doting toward her only daughter and is picky as far as who is her partner – any man that doesn’t get beaten over the head with her cane is deemed adequate. (BirdNut)

    Verena- The daughter of Celestine and Wayra and has most of her father coloring and mother's face. She is shy and sweet, although a little spoiled at times. (Gerbil)


    The Hawk Eyes (<3ChickenForver):

    The Hawk Eyes are a very unique tribe. They are humans but can turn into a hawk anytime they like. They turn into one mainly to catch prey or to spy. They are very clever when it comes to catching prey. In human form they are great warriors. They carry around their weapons that may be something like a bow-and-arrow, knife, or anything else you can make in the forests of The Hawk Eyes. They may not be the best tribe but every day they are all practicing to be the best. They all live in a big part of the forest. There is a river and a pond in their territory. There are many trees, bushes, etc. There are vines and beautiful plants everywhere. The Hawk Eyes survive on plants and animals. They also have some special abilities like great fighting skills, can fly as high up in the sky when they’re a hawk, They are very quick and flexible, they are also very beautiful/ handsome. They also age very slowly and are almost immortal.

    Stephan- He is the best out of all The Hawk Eyes. He is very handsome and strong. He is really brave and powerful. He is wise. He will do anything to protect his people. He is kind and generous. He is very tall with short and wavy, black hair. He has the most dazzling green eyes and has perfect features. He doesn’t have a mate yet either. When he is a hawk he is the biggest and powerfulest. He also looks like he’s in his twenties. (<3ChickenForever)

    Ellie- The sweetest girl. She is a fascinating hunter and skilled. She is brave and beautiful. She has long flowing blonde hair. She has sparkly blue eyes and a flattering smile. She does not have a mate yet either. She wears an ankle bracelet that is gold and silver. It has a red sapphire in it. She wears it because it once belonged to her older sister. When she’s a hawk she is medium sized and has a hint of purple in her tail. She is about 19 years old. (<3ChickenForever)

    Adam- A mysterious man. He has short brown hair with beautiful brown eyes. He is still looking for a mate also. Adam is nice but can have a short temper. When he turns into a hawk he has blue in his tail. He is around 20 years old. He is a very good hunter and is strong. He is taller than most but not as tall as Stefan. (<3ChickenForever)

    Lauren: A gentle, loving Hawk Eyes who would prefer to be a warrior. She enjoys taking care of the infants more then dealing with fights and other issues that the warriors deal with everyday. She is currently the mother of twins, Kane and Payne. (<3ChickenForever)

    Tobias: A very unusual sort of Hawk Eyes, he has multiple personalities that range from friendly to a cold hearted, sadistic killer. Some suggest he has a mental disorder, others believe it resulted in both his parents dieing in front of him. Whatever the case, he is known to be unpredictable and at times, extremely dangerous. (<3ChickenForever)

    Paris: A hot headed young warrior with way too much confidence for his own good. He is often bossy and acts superior over the others even though he was only recently made a warrior. Although he is arrogent and, at most times, extreamily annoying, he is a loyal warrior and would defend his Tribe and all its members with his life. (<3ChickenForever)

    Elena- A very strong headed warrior who learned from her dad. Her mother sadly died when she was born and her dad raised her, her whole life. She is 20 years old and skinny. She is taller than others and has beautiful long and silky, jet black hair. She is also very beautiful and breath-taking. She does not have a mate at this moment but wants one sooner or later. She always carries her bow-and-arrow around with her. She is very kind to others but will protect her friends and family when needed. She is also very reliable. (<3ChickenForever)

    Jareth: A shy Hawk Eyes with deep yellow eyes. He has a very open mind which gives him the ability to see things in a way that most others would not. He preferes to spend his time alone, pondering over issues within the Tribe instead of socializing with his friends and fellow warriors. (<3ChickenForever)

    Warriors in Training:
    Savanna- A nice and good girl. She is 18 and follows the tribes rules always. She has short, brown hair. She has mysterious golden eyes. She is medium height. She is practicing to be a warrior and is succeeding. She is a very great climber and is jealous of Ellie. She fell in love with Stefan but Stefan does not like her that way. She tries to be the best too. When she’s a hawk she is medium sized and has pink in her tail. (<3ChickenForever)

    Dexter: A dark hearted trouble maker who is always breaking the rules and pushing the limits. He is deeply loathed by his fellow trainees and hard to get along with. He is quick to fight and doesn't have any friends. (<3ChickenForever)

    Paige- She is very intelligent! She recently joined The Hawk Eyes. She has no training at all yet and so far she is weak. She can't be put in Warrior in training yet because she has to learn The Hawk Eye's ways first. She is 16 and soon to be 17. She has curly orange hair that is long. She also has very beautiful green eyes. When she turns into a hawk, her tail is red. (<3ChickenForever)

    Payne: The more thoughtful, calm twin sister of Kane. She is not one to leap into battle at the slightest impulse and thinks things through before doing them. She and Kane are nearly inseperable, each thriving on the others weakness and using their strengths to their advantage. (<3ChickenForever)

    Kane: The twin brother of Payne. He is the opposite of his sister, but they suit each other perfectly. Kane is outgoing and brave but reckless and doesn't stop to think about the conseqences of his actions. He needs Payne to decide when to hold him back, and when to let him go. (<3ChickenForever)



    Shaden (AngryChicken14):

    They are protective or the lands they live in. They lands they live in are shadowy so only a Shaden can enter or else if its not a a Shaden you can fall through their land. Unless a Shaden lets you come in you dont fall through. The Tribe can teleport and make shadow spheres and weapons. All Shaden can transform into wolves.

    Remesmee- She is fierce and calm, very peacemaking and wise. She can calm others down by using her Aroma and Mind Palm. Her family abandoned her when she was young so she doesn't know who they are. All she knows is that her mother left her to die and starve. She was later found and rescued by a poor old man who took her in. He was accused of murder so she had to flee into the Darklands. She is sometimes independant and has a very soft heart for animals and nature. (AngryChicken14)


    The Ik'ran People (singingchickenmomma):

    The Ik'ran People are all Avatars. They're fierce and independant, brave and smart. Their weapons consist of staffs, knives, spears, and bows and arrows. The Tsa'hik (pronounced Itsaheek) is the leader, and is always female. She has a daughter, Sylwanyn, who is the heir for Chainl, the Tsa'hik. Avatars have cat-like pointed ears, Avatar ears are placed in the same spot as humans, only they're pointed. They can prick upward in happiness, or fold back in anger. They have long queue's, which look like a long braid to humans, but it is actually their air supply and can also interact with many things. They all have large, feline-like yellow eyes. They have fangs next to their front teeth. Their lemur-like tails can help express emotions.

    Chainl- She is leader of the Ik'ran People. She's wise and kind, has one daughter named Sylwanin

    Sylwanin- She's the heir to the Ik'ran People. She has blue skin, yellow eyes, fangs, a lemur like tail, and long lithe legs.
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  3. Why did you leave out the Celtics? Other people had characters in that tribe besides just me.
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    For all the charactors that have "Unknown" At the end, please tell me who they belong to so I can add a name instead.
  6. Quote:But there is no leader? Or owner to the Tribe anymore if your leaving. If someone wants to step up and take it then I'll re-add it.

    Well, you have to let people know that that one is up for grabs.
  7. Quote:I didn't do that.
  8. HollyBird24

    HollyBird24 Crowing

    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
    Quote:I didn't do that.

    I put the "Unknown" there because there wasn't a players name. Just to remind myself that I need to get the players username and add them [​IMG]
  9. HollyBird24

    HollyBird24 Crowing

    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
    Quote:But there is no leader? Or owner to the Tribe anymore if your leaving. If someone wants to step up and take it then I'll re-add it.

    Well, you have to let people know that that one is up for grabs.

    I will, I just had to leave last night. Now people know.
  10. Quote:Well, you have to let people know that that one is up for grabs.

    I will, I just had to leave last night. Now people know.

    Okay, thanks! [​IMG]

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