The day has come, Larry has to go - UPDATE - The new man !!!!!!


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
NW Missouri
Larry, our Rooster, has to go. He attacked my 2 1/2 year old son and scratched his chest and gave him a bloody lip. When I ordered the chicks in the spring I only ordered pullets, for the reason that I have two young kids and didn't want to take a chance with a possible nasty rooster. Of course one of the pullets turned out to be a rooster. We thought as long as he stays nice he can stay but the day has come........... the axe is going to be sharpened.
For the last 3 - 4 weeks I watched him around my son and stepped in a couple of times when I saw trouble coming. Larry never got him because I was always there since I didn't trust him and gave a boot before he could ever do something. But today Grandpa was watching and of course didn't see the signs .......... so Larry saw his chance and attacked. I just can't supervise all the time and my youngest son just starts to walk so pretty soon there is one more "target".
I guess we will have Larry Stew.
I am a little bit sad to let him go and I really tried for the last weeks to get him around but my kids come first......... So sad since Larry is such a handsome guy.

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Sorry to hear about your son. He is a good looking roo. I am the same way though, I do not tolerate ANY aggressive behavior from my roos. I have a 4 year old nephew and a baby boy due in Feb. It just isn't worth taking chances. Poultry should be enjoyable to children, not something they are scared of. You are doing the right thing and don't feel bad about it. It is your right to protect your family from harm.
I feel your pain. I got a surprise in my sexed pullets this year, too. Mine is named Tetrazzini, and he may be living up to his name. On the upside, nothing tastes better than an animal that has been irritating you for months.

I hope your son is OK, and doesn't have any lasting worries about roosters. They're not all bad.

Good luck with the processing. Bon appetit!
That's too bad. I hope your son is alright! txcarl is right, you don't want your kids to be afraid of your poultry. At least a problem rooster is a tasty fix
(unlike a problem dog).
My son is ok, he is a tough little guy. I don't think he is afraid of anything :) .......
He just cried for a minute and then went on to play. I am more upset then he is !!!!!!!!!
LOL Good to hear that he is fine. My nephew can run right into the wall and then just run off laughing! Its amazing how tough they really are. But a roo can inflict some serious damage. Do you have a cage you can confine your roo in until you are ready to send him to the freezer? This way your son and the hens can run around and play.
Glad to hear your son is fine. I just had to give my roo away this week.

He has been attacking us for about a month now (he's a 7 month old Leghornn). I tried working with him to no avail. He jumped on a lady and scratched her at the cemetary next door to my house and her husband was not too happy. Instead of a soup pot we found a home for him. What they do with him I don't want to know.

Miss the ornery bird.
Over the past we have had to rehome 7 roosters. I now have an EE roo and so far, so good. The first time he tries something with me, he will be history. I am hoping everything goes smoothly because I do love the sound of a rooster at daylight.........................or even when we turn on the lights in the house. Crazy roo.

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