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  1. There's lots of advice spread around BYC, and the rest of the 'net about using Niacin, (aka vitamin B-3 nicotinic acid and vitamin PP) for your ducks, but there seems to be a lot of disparity about how important it is, what kind and how much to use, how and when to administer it, and that doesn't even address the brewers yeast vs. niacin question. (Which probably deserves a separate thread, for search purposes, so let's just stick to niacin here, please. [​IMG] )

    Based on the various recommendations I've read, I expect there to be a considerable amount of controversy over these issues. Let's see if we can hash out some good guidelines for the beginning duck raisers like me.

    I'll start it off by telling you what I'm doing: I'm using a 500 MG tablet from Sundown Naturals, ground to a very fine powder a dissolved into 1 gallon of water.The container says it's time release and a vegetarian formula.

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    Ive never ever used a niacin supplement because its in most all feeds. I guess if you cant find it in your bagged food then you might need it. And then again I would probably only use it if leg problems were being a problem.
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    For ducks in the brooder (and Cornish Cross) I grind 1 tablet, 100 mg, of niacin and that goes into their drinking water once a day. That is a 1 gallon waterer.

    The brand I use is Nature's Blend and it was 100 tablets for either 99 cents or $1.99 (I can't remember, except it was really cheap.)

    Feed made for ducks and game birds already contains niacin. Brewers yeast is a good all natural food based source of niacin. The only problem with it is that it has become expensive.

    Time release and non-flush aren't supposed to be good because they are slower to be absorbed and stuff passes through a duck quickly. Just regular niacin is what you want.

    Once my ducks are adults, I stop with the niacin because they get it by eating fresh plants.
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