The Dog and the Rooster (as of this evening...)


6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
My Coop
My Coop
Chicken round up tonight was quite the amusing event!

The rooster (still needs a name!)...

And this gal, "Drizzle"...

I gave the chickens a bowl full of canned corn to call them in from the yard when the sun started to set and all came except for my rooster. Well, he came over, but instead of going in to eat with the others, he decided to attack the heck out of me again. He's always been here as a protector and not my pet, so while I don't like him coming after me, I don't mind his aggression.

Anyway, not in the mood to play "chase down the rude rooster," I let Drizzle out into the yard. She has brought back loose chickens several times and obviously has no intention to kill them, so she yipped and yapped bouncing back and forth through the yard after him while he jumped up and kicked at her. Once he realized his attempts were in vain, and she thought he was playing, he jogged over to the fence where my smaller roosters have often escaped, and leaped for a hole.

Unfortunately, he is too big to fit. So I had a view of my rooster's tail end on my side of the fence, legs stuck straight out behind him, his wings pinned to his sides by the fence wire, and his head on the other side before Drizzle pranced over to him and pulled him out by the tail, causing a few feathers to come out and float around the fence.

Up the hill towards me Drizzle carried him, her head high and tail wagging as she held him by the tail, and he, upside down, wings flapping, head dragging on the ground, and screeches filling the cool evening air.

I told her "Sit!" and she did, spitting him out on the ground with a thump. I picked him up before he could run for it, and put him away for the night with his hens and nearly missed corn dinner.
Good doggie!

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