The Don’ts while Quitting Cigarettes

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    Oct 26, 2010
    spam removed is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a lot of will power and determination. A person needs to plan a quitting schedule and stick to it. There are also a couple of things that he might have to avoid while quitting cigarettes.

    The quitter should not be impatient. Smoking being a tough habit to quit should be dealt with patience. It might take some time for the quitter to get used to without cigarettes. It might not be very easy in the beginning but cravings do not last long.

    A quitter should not worry about the future and wonder how he would face life without cigarettes. Quitting cigarettes in fact increases one’s courage to face life.

    Banish negativity. One must think about the positive changes that he is creating by quitting smoking. One must not think of relapse or lament about the years spent in smoking.

    While quitting smoking one must not neglect oneself. He must instead take care of his physical needs. Taking proper care of the body helps to minimize the effects of nicotine withdrawal. A balanced diet, more rest, exercise and lots of water is what the body needs while quitting.

    Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited while quitting smoking. Alcohol is known to increase the urge to smoke.

    It is important that one does not run down to the point of exhaustion as stress and anger are two strong smoking triggers. It is important that one keeps oneself calm and engaged in some activity that releases stress.
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