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    Aug 15, 2014
    I've heard of "the egg song" many times, and what it sounds like and all that. my chickens sing the egg song a lot throughout the day but they rnt laying yet! at least this is what I think. my hens still sleep in their nesting boxes at 5 months old and poop in there so I don't think they understand that they r suppose to lay eggs there! only about 3 or 4 of my chickens(out of 8) sleep on the roosts. so does this mean that my hens might be laying somewhere else? can they sing the egg song when they rnt laying yet? I need help! I also have 1 rooster so I don't want a whole bunch of chicks in the next few weeks just because I can't find the eggs!
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    Many hens start singing the egg song when they are getting mature, but not quite laying yet. They had me running to check the coop for a week by singing before I actually got an egg.

    As far as nesting boxes. You will want to break them of the habit of sleeping in there or you will always have dirty eggs.

    #1 thing is to make sure that the roost is easy to get up on, and ABOVE the height of the nesting boxes. Chickens naturally want to roost as high as they can.

    I would block the nesting boxes off (at least at night) until they get the routine of roosting down. If they don't get up their on their own after checking the other things off the list, then wait until dark and physically move them up there.

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