The eggs Best eggs for school hatching project?

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  1. I just got back from bringing our cochin chicks on a "Feild Trip" to my son's Kinder class.

    His teacher really wants the kids to see eggs hatching and has asked if this would be a project I could set up and work with her on.

    Nice thing is this teacher has hatched before in her Kinder classes so she is really excited to do this for her kid's this year.

    We went over everything... I think [​IMG] She wants to be able to candle them so the kids can see the chicks developing and then of course have the chicks stay in the class room for "Open House" that is May 21st. So we figured that the last week of April would be an ideal time to set this up.

    She informed me that the heat does get turned off over the weekends but I think have the solution to that problem as I have two incubators I can collect up the eggs on Fridays and bring them home to the other incubator that will be on and ready for the eggs over the weekends. The school is two blocks away from my house so it will not ba a long trip.

    Now I need to figure out the best eggs for this project. I would love to do EE's because of the colors of the eggs....but they are so hard to see inside when candling. I was thinking brown eggs, like Barred Rocks, RIR, maybe even Cochins again? At day 10 you can see in them and see the chick moving around. The eggs I would need for this I would have to have shipped to me since I do not have a roo here with my girls. My son's teacher would like about 12 eggs I told her that would be perfect since they will be shipped not all will develope.

    Any suggestions on this? I sure would apperciate input especially from those that have done this project for their children's classroom. [​IMG]
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    um are you looking to do bantams or standards or it dont matter? I say cochins, brahmas and buff orps
  3. Oh yeah Standards and I do have the chicks a home for the ones that hatch. [​IMG]
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    If you want a really clear picture of the embryos developing, it is best to go with white shelled eggs and a very bright light. You can see toes and wing tips through a white egg no problem if you get a bright light. As for heat going out, that is what spelled disaster for the project that went on in a school I helped a bit at. Before taking and moving eggs every weekend though, might want to try to just drop in on mid Saturday and see how cool the building gets. If the bator can hold the temp, it should be fine, but if it can't, best take them home for the weekend, although generally moving eggs isn't the best but can be done.
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    ok. I guess the breeds I listed are what I would choose. Others will have dif choices but the best choice is your own. Lots of luck with your new project [​IMG]
  6. Quote:We figured April as the weather in the nights will be warmer. That is a good idea to check them over the weekend.
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    It would be nice if you could find some local eggs to hatch. That way your odds of them hatching would be better.

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