The end of my chicken journey. Thank you, BYC.


Apr 10, 2018
New York State
In 2017, interest sparked inside me. That interest was the start of something I never thought I'd be passionate about.
It was April of 2018 when I finally started researching raising backyard chickens. There was a lot of thought and hard work that I put through to learning about these wonderful animals.
2 years later(after complications), in April 2020, we finally got our 7 buff orpington chicks. We raised them and watched them grow, and I finally got the feeling of being a proud "mother" to these girls who I attached with. It seemed like cloud 9, finally getting something I put years of hard work in.

However, it seems like some laws have changed since I looked into the ordinances about keeping chickens. Chickens are not allowed as pets where I live. It was difficult, really, sending them away yesterday. But we sent them to a small animal farm sanctuary, and the owner was really nice. I knew they'd be happy there.

Researching for 2 years, and only being able to actually raise chickens for 14 weeks, this website has been so helpful during my long but short journey. I've met so many wonderful people, made friends, gained knowledge... the list is endless. I just wanted to say thank you. This community is one of the best forums out there, and I hope people who are just starting out really dig in to this website.

Anyways, it does look like the end of the road for me. Since we sent our chickens away, I still have school to focus on. I hope that when I move out of this town, I can resume raising chickens. So hopefully it's not the complete end :)

Logging off, 'Geeky' 2018-2020

(Was that unnecessary? It felt necessary for me, haha.
I really do hope you guys check out the sanctuary I sent my pullets to, the owner is wonderful and he has passion. Please also consider donating--a small amount can go a long way! They are in need of funding right now to take care of their animals, so please check it out!! )


Oct 24, 2012
Santa Clarita, CA
I am shock you don’t try to fight city ordinances? It not fair. Keeping backyard chicken isn’t bad.

In my city, people loves to ride dirt bikes. Especially younger boys segment age. If their were anti chicken laws in place, I would become livid! If people can be happy to their kids riding dirt bikes, quads around the suburbs. Or their dad/husband enjoy a loud sport car. Or everyone hosting large BBQ parties till a long night blasting aloud music and be talking loud. WE can have chickens. lol

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