The ever growing Mongo......


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11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
South GA
I want to thank Tonkatuff for our new addition. He is FABULOUS!!! He's settling in well. Although our one cat was not the most welcoming. Here is Mongo (yup, we're keeping the name)

He's 6 months old and growing by the HOUR! Here's some new photos my DH took last week.....



That's our 60 lb chow mix behind him!
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Congrats on the new addition to your family. Mongo is beautiful. He looks to be some kind of Mastiff? How old is he? I love that he is on the sofa with "daddy".
He's a "BanDog" (Neapolitan mastiff/Cane Corso X) He's almost 4 months old. And yes, "daddy" is ecstatic!! He about fell over when I brought the puppy to his work this morning.
really because from the second picture he looks likea puppy on a desktop lol but I guess when they say the camera adds 10lbs+ its different for pictures its probably -4 of their height lol
Nope, that's the hard wood floor, my DH's size 13 "mandles" behind him and the ancient computer tower, too.

He is as large as our year old boxer mix. He's not quite as tall (she's all legs) but he is heavier for sure!. His feet are Gi-normous!!!

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