The Evolution of Atlas: A Breeding (and Chat) Thread

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by speckledhen, May 8, 2014.

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    Jul 30, 2014
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    I will try to do better about pictures. With spring hopefully around the corner, maybe I can get some pictures.
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    I had a good day at the coop today. Oldest daughter came to help. I recently discovered on one of the threads that I've been worming the wrong way all these years. I need to get busy worming my flock. I'm not seeing, or smelling any evidence of worms, but I like to worm them, and have the withdrawal time over with right before I start collecting eggs to hatch. That helps ensure the eggs, and chicks won't have any worm issues.

    I love getting a good dose of the warm, and fuzzies when I see the chick pics. Keep them coming!
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    Today is one of those raw, windy, temps-dropping-all-day winter nasty days. Ick. DH is meeting someone who lives up in NC at a local flea market to take them d'Anver hatching eggs. Couldn't even get up a full dozen but she wants them anyway. D'Anvers are just not great winter layers. I got egg collections for two folks, have several waiting in line from a Facebook online yard sale group, and the hens just sort of stopped completely, then two hens decided to get back to work, the one who lays super teensy eggs and the hen who has feather stubs on her legs (not a desired D'Anver trait). It's always that way, feast or famine. If no one wanted them, all seven would be laying. Well, six would. Wrong Way Lucy never lays eggs, never lets the roosters breed her. She's "special".

    My very generous and sweet friend Angela has found an electric blanket with working controller and is sending it to our Finn! Thank you so much, Angela! Our cold weather goes on until the third week of April so there will be many super cold nights for Mr. Finn-Cat in his little condo. A blanket that stays warm all night over the top of his house will keep him cozy in there from dusk till dawn! [​IMG]
  5. You are very, very welcome! I have already boxed the blanket up and it is ready for shipping sweet friend. [​IMG]

    When I walked into the office this morning Roux was laying on Finn's blanket! I was like, "Really???? You have 3 beds in this house and you are on Finn's blanket? You are going to make him not want anything to do with this blanket!" So I rolled it off with a lint roller and sprayed it with Pet Febreeze. I don't care what I haul into this house, if Roux is inside, he will be on the new item in 10 minutes regardless of where I put it. Cats are so funny, everything belongs to them. lol
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    Quote: I'm finding that out! [​IMG] I think Finn's most prized possession is Cat Hater himself! He's attached himself to DH like a leech. He never sits with me, only my other half.
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    If there is one person in a household that does not like cats, they know and to that person they go. I have had them get into laps when the person has their hands up afraid to move. Its like you must pay me attention no matter what. They fall asleep in such laps making friends all over the place. Now some cats like some people are prickly and will have something to do with only one person period. I have had one of those too. Everything was on his terms but I loved him anyway. Now I have a sweet cuddly cat that loves her cheeks and ears rubbed. Then you must give a message of the back and brush completely. She will then fall asleep in your lap. She is 14 yrs old. Cats can live longer than some dogs. Some live to be 20's.
    My crazy weather this morning is schizophrenic. Temp 40's then hominey snow for two hrs. then all that melts and the temps drop to 32. What!!! Now its windy and partially sunny. I got 7 eggs from 13 hens so far today. Love my eggs.
  8. You are right about your husband being Finn's most prized possession. That has to be a highly coveted accomplishment for a cat to win over a non cat lover. Maybe the Cat Federation gives out medals for that? Lol!

    We have the same situation here with Roux loving on my husband. He is technically my cat as I am the one who takes care of him and he does love me, follows me around, protects me from roosters...[​IMG] etc... but when it is time to bed down in a chair at night he looks for my husband. When my husband is away at work Roux will lay on his bed on the floor next to the sofa and not even try to bed down next to me. My husband says that he is jealous of the chickens and he is punishing me. LOL!
  9. Roux decided to get in some early Daddy loving today! I just walked through the living room and lo and behold......

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    Boy, does that look familiar! [​IMG]

    Gloria Jean, this weather is nutso today here, too. Wind, snow, plummeting temps, etc. Ick.
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