The Evolution of Atlas: A Breeding (and Chat) Thread

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    I'm not sure that flying is a predator preventative. I think they fly up, right into the clutches of a hawk or owl. Remember, I've had Delawares free ranging for years here among the BRs, RIRs, various blue/black/splash in different breeds, EEs, Wyandottes, Buff Orps, etc. The most camouflaged birds I've ever owned are the mille fleur color Belgian D'Anvers. They can fly very well, but they also dart into a pile of oak leaves and are completely invisible. They are so small, however, that I don't free range them at all except on the rarest of occasions in warm weather when I can be outside with them.

    More baby pics!! Just look at this barring on a couple of them! Wow! It's almost as good as the original Stukel Rocks and one in particular is super sharp. I'm sort of guessing two cockerels, two pullets and little unknown tie-breaker. Could be wrong, but I'm veering toward that. Input gladly accepted.

    Check out the little one in the far back facing left-that is the one with the sharpest, finest barring.





    Bottom right, you can already see the cockerel's comb showing up at just over 2 weeks old.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    Those little chickies are growing so fast. I'm little help as far as sexing chicks, but pretty good at guessing :)
  3. You are brilliant!!! That has to be what is going on! They probably don't like having to rearrange themselves every time we get up. Cats are so practical.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a pretty little thing.

    We had local BYC club breed showcase last week and the person who brought a Barred Rock and gave the presentation on the breed said that the barring is hawk deterrent. That comment piqued my interest and I asked him after the meeting if he had ever lost a BR to hawk and he said that no that he had lost several other breeds in hawk attacks but his BRs were always ok. Maybe there is some truth to the barring being a deterrent?
  5. [​IMG]

    Love this pic! Those two on the right look like they are headed out to stir up some trouble. [​IMG] All of the babies are so gorgeous and look so healthy.
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    I'm not sure if it's a deterrent or just makes them less visible in leaves and brush. I know mine are much more camouflaged than the solid black birds are. But, then, I've never lost any of any color to hawks, not even the white or splash ones.

    I may check out the leg color, not the dark wash or not, but the actual shade. It seems the ones I think are male have more yellowish undertone in the leg color and the ones I think are pullets, like the one in the front lower left have more grayish color. I may be all wet on this one and I didn't have much time today to really observe-it was Tom's birthday and we left the place more than once, didn't hang around here all day. Any cues of any type we can pick up on with these other than the head spot could be helpful with sexing.
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  7. With my limited knowledge I was thinking that one in the front lower left looked feminine. Those two in the back right, especially the one on the left looks to have meaty little rooster legs unless the size is distorted from the motion of them walking.

    Well, it seems we have something else in common. My husband's birthday was yesterday! Please tell Tom Happy Birthday. Did Finn bring him a mouse? [​IMG]
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    Tell your hubby Happy Birthday, too! Ha, yes, Finn brought a mouse home. Well, it was smart and ran up a tree and he tried to go up and get it, but it kept going higher so he gave up and sat looking up. DH decided to help him and took out his BB gun and shot it down so he could get it. But, it wasn't dead just injured near the back leg, so Finn played with it awhile and then got bored and left it. And the poor injured thing went off into the leaves somewhere. Finn gave up and let it go. [​IMG] Poor thing. He'll find it dead there tomorrow, I guess. I wonder how many he'd eaten before he brought that one home as a toy.
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    Happy birthday to Speckled Roo!
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    Thank you!

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