The FDA and eggs

I figure my eggs are less likely to carry it than store bought eggs because they are fresher and my chickens only hang out with each other.
May be complete crap, but that's what I'm going to believe!
Who eats them raw...ewww!
After reading the article and it relates with what I've read before, as long as you thoroughly cook the eggs-they're fine. Just don't eat them raw or drink them raw in a protein shake.
I'll admit to eating them raw - homemade caesar or mayo!
And I defintely eat them softly cooked - prefer them this way.
Hey, everything out there is potentially bad. I follow the guidelines for keeping my flock healthy and proper way to collect, clean and store eggs and then I just enjoy! If I want my eggs over-easy, I'll have them over-easy.

I still like to go for long drives and I even still take baths, even though I know that a car wreck or a fall in the tub is much more likely to kill me than an egg.

If I can't enjoy whatever time I have left on this planet, then what's the point? I'll keep livin' on the edge with my soft boiled eggs... la, la, la, la, la...
If we let the FDA and the medical associations have their lead eventually they'll figure out that the common factors in cancer, heart disease, food poisoning, etc are drinking water, breathing air and being alive

Too many people actually think the FDA knows all
and believes all this stuff they put out
The problem generally isn't the FDA or the people doing the research... it's the news stations that take and dumb it down into OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!11!!!!

Most of the time if you actually read the reports, they're just reporting a correlation and recommending more research to see what else if found out.
Food poisoning is rarely deadly, and for the amount of food we eat, a rare occurance overall. I don't think it anything to stop eating eggs for! I like mine a little runny in the middle, too.
I'm still alive.

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