The Final Count (for now) AND LOTS OF PICS!!!!!!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I think we finally have a final count on our chicks!! Between ordering from Ideal and going to TSC. We finally thinned it down to these fabulous chicks!!!
1 Salmon Faverolles "Zimby"
1 Black Australorp "Chicky"
1 Barred Rock "Willow"
1 Naked Neck "Lolly"
1 Golden Campine "Piney"
1 Norweigan Jaerhon "Olga"
1 Blue Cochin "Krull"
1 Rhode Island Red "Red"
1 New Hampshire Red or Red Sex Link (not sure)
1 Tetratint noname yet
4 Easter Eggers "Pip"(darker), "Squeak" (lighter), "Zippy" (white), & noname yet (blue/buff)
Though Monday we actually have to go to TSC to get more chick food. Hopefully they don't have any chicks in to tempt us!!!!
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"Hopefully they don't have any chicks.."

I know what you mean. We are done (I promised DH) at 12 -for now

I just hope the dog and cat food (both purchased at a chick vending feed store) dont run out until they stop ordering birds!!!

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