The Goose Mother?

I just ordered some things from here:

However, I didn't notice that they came from "The Goose Mother" until after I'd placed the order. It is my understanding that she has passed quite a few years ago. Is someone else fulfilling the orders or did I just order stuff that's never going to come?
I don't know if she passed away, but I orded from her a couple years ago and it all came in a timely manner. Shoot them an email if you have questions.
Great! Thanks! Would you know how long before I should order these etsy ones for them? They're about 3 days old now and I purchased the newborn kit which says they are to last approx. 4 weeks. Just wondering about when the full size ones fit. We have a Mallard and a Pekin.
I'm sure that her husband has been keeping the business going. I ordered duckling diapers from there and they were good as a started diaper.

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