The Great Golfball swap!


5 Years
Jul 23, 2014
South Carolina
Say a prayer ya'll....Today my hubby and daughter went down to the feed store and bought 2 Cuckoo marans, 2 Easter eggers, and 2 Silver Wyandottes day old chicks. When I got home from work late this evening we took pictures of them by breed pairs ( we hope we got them seperated right) and then snuck out to the coop to exchange the 3 golfballs with 6 chicks. We hope Broody Mama can't count! It didn't help we got tickled while sneaking into the coop, we were imagining the conversation in the morning when everybody woke up....OMG Gertrude! Look Mama had 3 sets of identical twins by seperate Daddys!
Then I quipped " this is like the Tooth fairy...but different!"

We hung out in the dark ( still haven't installed yard lights) for about 5 minutes , but didn't hear a peep (no pun intended). so I snuck back in a shone the flashlight over the nest, Mama looked like she was tucking them in.....yeah!
We started back to the house and as we passed the smaller coop with the 5 week old chicks ( aka the toddlers) my hubby shone the light in the run and noticed they were huddled in the corner of the run! Great! So I go in the run and and start fussing at them about being outside after dark, then I open the human door to the coop....OMG! There was a HUGE snake in the coop! And it had obviously consumed one of my chicks!
I start screaming ( did I mention I'm terrified of snakes), the chicks start hollering,and my husbands hollering at me to keep the flashlight on the snake! After what seemed like an eternity of chaos the snake is dead and the chicks closed back up in the coop, both doors closed this time! We lost one of our Buff Orphington chicks. With all the racket we were making in the little coop apparently it did not disturb the big coop, I went back and checked on Broody Mama and she had everybody tucked in and she looked like she was asleep! Please Lord let this adoption work!

Here's the pictures of the new babies!
#1Silver Wyndottes?
#2 Cuckoo Marans?
#3 Easter Eggers?

btw: hubby just did a google search, looks like the snake was a rat snake. We've lived here 13 years and it's the first snake we've seen!
What a scary tale. I don't like those S creatures even if they aren't poisonous. Anything that makes you scream can't be good for your health. . I can't even say the name or speak it. Just horrible. So sad about your chick. Glad the others were smart enough to bail out. I get shivers just thinking about it.
BTW Welcome to BYC
Oye!!! So glad I don't have snakes where I live. I would die. I'm so sorry about your chick, and yay for a good mama!! I think your SLW and marans are switched in the pictures, the ones with the dots on their heads are the marans. :)
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Aha! I wondered if I had them backwards! Thanks! Checked on the coops this morning and all appears well! The leghorns are in a uproar, but Mama and chicks appear to be fine. I saw two chicks peeking out when I lifted Mamas wing. She glared at me but seemed ok. She's been like that since she went broody, she hisses at everyone else. I'm the only one she will let near her. We put up a couple of pieces of plywood around and over the "broody pool" and turned the nest around so now there's one way in or out and there is one angry mama blocking the entrance ! I caught the leghorns trying to steal the chick food and water.....dang leghorns.....their food and was fresh and full ! The other red comets were nosey but did at least wander off to their food. The toddlers in the small coop appear to be ok, they came flying "literally" out of their door when we opened it, whew!
Success! 24 hours later I have visual confirmation of 6 live chicks under Mama Broody!

The other ladies in the coop seem to be giving Mama lots of room, They even laid all their eggs in the two nests farthest away from her....hehehe....that must have been some talking to she gave them!
The toddlers in the small coop seemed to be having a ball running and flying all over their run today, so life is good! They're sooooo cute and I think they know it!

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