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    *Mods if you want to move this to the recipe section feel free, I wasn't sure exactly where to put it*

    Anyway, this is a thread to tell us about your grilling, and barbecuing experiences. Also share any good recipe you might have, and tell us what you will be smoking, grilling, or searing tonight!

    Tonight I will be grilling six, 2" thick bone-in rib eyes. They will be grilled over burned down oak and hickory logs, and then seared for 3 to 4 minutes a side. Yummy!!!!

    I prepare my rib eye by first applying a coating of olive oil, then I crack fresh pepper onto the steak and rub it in. After that I apply kosher salt to taste, then finish it off with fresh garlic as much as you desire. I then put wax paper on to and hit it lightly with meat tenderizer (flat side). You dont want to hit it hard, you are just trying to press the seasoning into the steak, you are trying to tenderize it. You want to season and press both sides for a flavorful steak!'

    So what are you making tonight?
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    May 13, 2008
    Now this is a thread I could learn to like LOL, check out my Avatar it was taken at our annual chicken group meet-up in Oklahoma. I BBQ'd for 2 days and hundreds of pounds of meat, talk about fun BBQ'ing.

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    Wow that does sound like heaven! The biggest barbecue I have done was a whole pig. Boy was that a blast or what! Took all of 16 hours but it was totally worth it. The flavor of a smoked meat is perfect, and it tender to boot!-
  4. Tonight we are doing a marinaded venison roast on the grill.

    The marinade is

    brown sugar
    red wine
    bay leaves
    black pepper
    peanut oil
    red pepper

    Cover the roast in liquid in the fridge for 5 days to a week, I use a brine pump and inject the marinade every couple days

    Cover the top of the roast with bacon when cooking so it doesn't dry out.

    Steve in NC
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    Good lord almighty Steve, that sounds really good! I have never actually even tasted venison, I think its about time to try!
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    always changing
    Oh yum yum! Keep the ideas coming! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I think I have one venison roast left. I'd like to try your recipe. Any actual venison cooking tips would be appreciated [​IMG].

    What about ground venison? Do you do anything on the grill with that?
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    May 13, 2008
    Quote:I too have done a big whole hog over open coals, it is the holy Grail of BBQ.

    Fun Fact:
    Most folks refer to ladies of the night as the oldest profession, but that is very wrong.

    One day about a zillion yrs ago man created fire, the next thing he did was throw a hunk of meat over it, making BBQ'ing the oldest profession LOL.

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    Where do you get venison, I am not a hunter, but do any grocery stores sell it?
  10. cmcgoun

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    Haha oh yea, they say the only thing that seperates people from animals is cooking!

    I think I am going to do another whole hog on July 4th, man it is so fun!

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