The Handbook for the Unhelpfully Chicken Addicted

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    I have seen and helped a lot of people out with stuck chicks recently and I l know now that spring is coming closer there will be more and more people needing help with this subject.and it is a lot to write in several post. so I will post it right here so people can see it or of people need it they can be referred to here. I hope this will help people and help chicks out too.

    I admit that I am no vet or a poultry expert in truth I am only a smart teen who wants to help. I realize that there may be mistakes or flaws in this process but I am always up to suggestions or corrections.

    Chapter one

    When do I help?

    Please do not even attempt to help chicks out of their shells because you have not seen any progress in several hours. only help chicks out if they have not made any progress in at least 14-16 hours. that has been the case with me if you try to help them to early you may rip or poke a vein or do other things to hurt them.

    Chapter two

    So it is time to help but how do I do it ?

    If they have passed the time limit and they have not made any progress I would say that it is safe to help but how do you do it you may ask, here are the steps for you to follow. I like short sweet and to the point.

    I am proud to say that I have become a rather accomplished at helping chickens out. so do the following.

    1.) Stay calm ! if you are over worried or stressed you will do more harm than good.

    2.) If the membrane Is dry, bump up the humidity (try putting a warm wet cloth or a sponge in the incubator. )

    3.) give it time after you bump it up a little do not rush it !

    4.) after an hour or two if it has made no progress remove a little of the shell at a time not all of it if you see blood stop immediately do not pass go do not collect $200. put it back and try again after an hour or two.

    5.) wet the membrane a little to loosen it do not wet it around the beak you do not want to drown it. Then wait repeat steps 2-5 as needed and take it Slowly.

    Chapter three what if it does not pip ?

    if it does not pip by midday 22 or almost 23 pic each egg up and tap it if you can hear a peep then it is in the air sac (most likely stuck ) if you can not hear any peeping candle and see if there is any sign of life. if you can see it moving or hear peeping in the shell as softly as possible and the top of the big end poke a little hole DO NOT USE ANYTHING SHARP AND DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH FORCE !!!! If you do you might hurt the chick. once you make a pip proceed as normal.

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    Also will be adding on later Brooding problems and solutions when I get the time school has kept me really busy.
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    Chapter four brooding
    Baby chicks must be kept dry and warm for the first few months of their lives. I recommend that you use a heat lamp or brooder lamp that can be bought at any hardware store. for example ACE hardware or Tractor Supply Company. you must also keep them in a draft free place so that they do not get cold. usually it is a box or tub.

    Chapter Five Common questions and answers.

    Q. What can or what should I use as a brooder ?
    A. You can use anything that meets the specifications above draft-free, a heat source. In truth my first brooder was what I had on hand and that was an old toy box.

    Q. does everything have to be cleaned thoroughly ?
    A. Yes you must sanitize everything and every part of you brooder I recommend a watered bleach solution wash ,and air dry. You have to always sanitize your brooder before the chicks go in !

    Q. I have these chicks, but I just got some more can I put them in the same brooder ?
    A. Noooo quarantine all new birds I do not care if they are chicks or adults QUARANTINE YOUR BIRDS LESS YOU LOSE YOUR WHOLE FLOCK ! Keep them quarantined for at least a month.

    Chapter Six Problems and solutions.

    My chicks have crooked or twisted toes what do I do ?

    It is said that you put a tape boot one the chicks toes like a cast to straighten them out. but I have found that if you put hardware cloth or something similar on your brooders floor that the chicks toes will correct themselves. it has worked for me so I do not see why It would not for anyone else.

    My chicks have not eaten yet.

    Try sprinkling the food on the ground for them to scratch at. they will eventually figure it out.

    My chick is being pecked at .

    1. Either separate the pecked chick or
    2. separate the chick that is doing the pecking.

    hope this helps someone.
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    Great info for us first-timers! Thank you!
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    your a wealth of infomation.
    thanks so much for taking the time.
    to help us do a better job.
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    Nice post!

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