The Handsomest Or Prettiest Comb Contest!

The Angry Hen

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Dec 17, 2016
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My Coop
Hello Friends,

I am making this contest on behalf of having fun!
My friend @jolly wattles came up with awesome contest idea,
I will be writing it.

Now, to start this contest...
What I am looking for is the nicest comb, including the following;
Color, shape and of course size!
Roo or hen is excepted!

I will be announcing the winners on June 20th, that means you can enter... Until June 20th!
Please, follow BYC rules and get along!

I hope this is fun, and active! But...
The difference of this than any of my other contests is;
Your the voters. Neat right?
Now for this action,
I will have a poll made for the night this contest ends.

It will say all of the names for your BYC friends that you hope will win.
The rule to this is; Please do not vote for yourself!

I will be able to see who votes for who,
this means your vote will be public.

On June 20th,
please oh please, enter the poll on June 20th.
Thank you! Have very much fun!

-The Angry Hen
Please call me K!

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Jun 1, 2016
A small county in Virginia

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