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Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
Still NO Duckies!! Hatch Day was yesterday, March 8th & I'm Still waiting. Yesterday @ 8AM 1 egg started moving, over 24 hrs. ago & the egg is still just moving. ALL 8 eggs Are Rocking/ Moving but no holes. Temp is usually 99 but it goes up for a short time because I am constantly adding warm/hot water to get humidity up. Humidity is Mostly 80-85 ~Well they must be alive, since they all are moving. I Could hear them making a noise. ~On one of the eggs I noticed a spot @ the pointy end of the egg. It looks like a shadow or some thing dark but faded through the shell. Actually, I thought it was a water spot on the shell but, it is getting More noticeable/looks like it might be spreading or expanding through the egg shell. }}}}I Took a couple pictures of the egg to show... now I just need to figure out How to Post the pictures here. ~I WILL EDIT POST Shortly to Add Pictures of Egg. Thanks, Julie *~LOOK AT PAGE2 FOR POST WITH PICTURES OF EGG~
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I have the same thing here, yesterday was the day, moved first time today. Be patient, sometimes it's a matter of the temp being off or something like that one or two times here and there.
Lower your humidity, and let your temp drop to 98 to 97. I have never had luck unless the humidity was under 70 percent and the temp down a degree or two.
To post the pic go to "uploads", upload the pic and it will give you a code...copy and paste the code into the threat and it will post the pic. I'm curious about this...good luck!
NO WAY...Don't tell me to Lower Humidity
You don't know what I've gone through to try & keep Humidity UP & Temp @ 99. ~My Humidity mostly @ 80-85 ~ Temp 98-99
Just try and be patient, the humidity will work. A trick to adding more water is just to add luke warm water approximately the same temp as the bator, that way your not getting spikes in temperatures.
x2 what Kansas said. You cant go by the book for hatching. That gives you a great idea. but all day long that can be off 2 days. Patience,patience,patience. good luck Julie. And also with ducks IMO there is no such thing as too high of humidity.

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