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Jul 25, 2016
Hello! Where I live it gets VERY hot in the summer. over 100 degrees. I do have shade and have chickens that are fine with water and shade. I'm wondering if certain duck breeds are bad in the summer heat? Does anyone have Cayuga's in a hot area? or Welsh Harlequin's? thanks!


Mar 30, 2016
Ha! We keep bumping into each other
If you click on my avatar you can get to a thread that I started about this very topic bc the Cayuga was feeling the heat...panting, holding wings slightly away from sides and ruffling feathers to cool doer. People had great suggestions so check it out!

And I don't know if I ever updated on there but Fiona gradually became used to the heat and now can hang with up to 106 dg, so far, with zero problems. I freeze water in cool whip containers and dump it into one of their watering dished during heat of the day and she stands in it. Last weekend I zip tied foam insulation board ($7 for 4'x8'' sheets) over the pen sun shade in anticipation of this wk's ugly temps and it's cooled it down in there noticeably. The WH has been good to go since day one, didn't ever seem bothered by heat.

At night, they get vitamin & electrolyte powder in their water....again, a very inexpensive way to help get them through this ugly summer!

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