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Dec 11, 2019
We just got our first eggs today!! I raised chickens a lot growing up, and in August of this year got my own little chicks to start my flock. We have named our hobby farm the Hedge Farm, and we have 3 goats, 15 chickens (4 from our farm that we welcomed for the winter months), 14 ducks, and a pig!

We have 2 Ameraucana roosters and one hen, 2 Isa Brown hens, 3 Barred Rock hens, and 3 Sapphire Gem (?Plymouth Rock) mix hens. Our visitor hens include one Big Red, one Big Mama, and two Silkies (Shakira and Beyoncé).

It was a very proud mama moment to see three new colored eggs in the goats hay feeder this morning! I can’t wait to check tomorrow!

I’ve used BYC as a resource for awhile, and figured I’d join now that we’re really getting to the part where my friends are tired of hearing me only talk about chickens and ducks. We are BIG animals lovers here at the Hedge Farm, and happy to join the community.
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