The Hidden Door Chat Thread


Crossing the Road
Apr 3, 2017
I vote it physically and mentally ages them back, but they still have their memories, with the memory/vividity of their T.E.(traumatic event) up in front of everything.
I second this.
Same. It's awful and everything, but the visuals are hilarious. There'll be like five kids crying in a ball, some kids crying and screaming, other children walking around dazed, maybe a few angsty teens, and then Kevin and Kyle trying to keep order perplexedly.
Kylan is gonna be crying
And Lilith is going to bipolar in her actions
I'm so ready for this mist
Oh, I think with Chion, I'm going to say that she is 10, and she has not at this point been affected by the "mist". I don't know that she has a traumatic experience. Maybe that's part of why the Boreleans are so helpful is they know this stuff comes around every now and again and it's kind of a thing they do, so that bad circumstances isn't a marker for people to get sent back to. Obviously not everyone will have a spectacular life, but it's better than everyone becoming a kid again all at once.
I don't think I'mma not let Torin have it affect him either.
Oh, One very important question:

CLOTHES how's that work?
Uh... They shrink too?
Oh gosh you guys are in for it. 5 yo Aria can teleport
oh crud
I would like to think of Kevin as a pretty chill dude, but he’s going to be very unhappy/lose his temper over this, and it probably won’t be pretty.
oh no
Naw, let's have them stay the same XD make 'em deal with baggy clothes along with everything else.
Aria would literally be necked
Age 15 verses age 5
It would all fall off
So would Kylan's XD
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