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Free Ranging
Jan 21, 2016
My Coop
My Coop
could everyone who has a charry that's had water post their new ages I'll add it to the list and post it again.

I don't have any info on Emma, Elon, or Noah either.
Heh. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's right. I think Blair was 15 and Kevin was 21, but I could be wrong.
Blair's 6. Originally was going to be 15, but I changed my mind.

Rose Quartz

Mar 18, 2018
East Hants N.S. Canada
Colby slowly pulled himself up out of the pool's shallows when he noticed everyone around shrinking. That definitely had to be an illusion; probably something created by the water he'd so blindly embraced. Yeah, it was a good idea to get out of here. But even as he neared everyone else, it was getting harder and harder to focus on them, like he was looking through a frosting window.
Then, he didn't know them at all.
His breath started coming in spasmodic gasps. His eyes streamed tears of desperation.
He was in the fuchsia bathroom, surrounded by maleficence.
Everything itched.
"MOMMY, NO, PLEASE DON'T, MOMMY, PLEASE!" he shrieked, scrambling backward and ending up on his butt in water. He shot up and hissed at it like a wild animal. Now they were making him take a bath? There was no way he was going to sit still and comply. Ever though the wicked hair clippers had done what'd they'd come for, he still had to flee them. He shot out of the water, ears pinned to his tingling head. An endless woodland stretched out before him. He'd be able to outrun them here. He'd be okay.
But, in his hammering heart, he knew it was too late. He could feel its prickling absence far more than he ever realized -or appreciated- its cloaking presence. Worst of all, those evil little bugs were still there. He could feel them crawling through their colonizing routine, like they hadn't already done enough.
They'd betrayed him for nothing.
Gasping as the last of his hope left him, he put his paw to his chest. No clothes, no fur. Just patchy, dry skin. He looked down. They'd stripped him down to Paw Patrol boxer shorts and left his legs in the same state. With a whimper, he reached for his beloved tail and found it no more glorious than a rat's.
He collapsed into a miserable, twitching heap.
His parents had surrendered to the lice's tyranny and shaved him.
:gig OMW! This is AWESOME!!
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