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Mar 14, 2017
So thinking on changing my design on swarm traps to 5 frame nucs . The 5 frame traps have extra space under the frames . The bees will build comb on the bottom of frames in time . This is a nuisance when you move them to a hive .
Something to consider when building nucs. I built nuc boxes in my pre grafting days and instead of making the inside depth 9 5/8" with a 3/8" frame rest I made them 10 5/8". That way you can make up nucs using frames with swarm cells without crushing them. I'm glad I did it and I still save a swarm cell sometimes. If they build some comb on the bottoms of the frames it's not much drone comb/brood, just slice it off with a hive tool if you swap frames. Unless you make separate bottom boards you can just add a shim.


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Nice. I would like to open the mean hive and see if they are truly dead, but I hate to have to unwrap them. I have seen no sign of life for about a month.

The friendly bees, my Saskatraz, I saw new dead bees on top the snow yesterday. Just a few.

It amazes me how they can have bees dying off all winter and have enough to start again in the spring.


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Last year my hives made it through the winter and then died in March. :th
If I have a hive make it through most of the winter, I start feeding in late February or early March. I had a hive that was doing great. The Nanking Cherries along the road were blooming. The county came through with their mosquito sprayer and the next day the whole hive was dead.
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