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7 Years
Dec 14, 2012
Hi, I just though there needed to be a thread where we can come together and share out sadness and let it out about all of out chickens that have passed. Just share stories and even pics if you'd like.

After have keeping chickens for 3 years I have lost quite a few birds.

Minnie - Dwarfism Gene
Rosie - Dog Attack
Amanda - Natural Causes
Sunnie - Free Range death
Dottie - Mareks
Lou Lou - Internal Egg Laying
Alpha & Sweetie - Free Range attack
Honey - Natural Causes, Pecked on, Froze
Goldenrod, Pepper, and a few un-named - Pest (Skunk)
Dominique - Free Range Attack.

These are all of my chickens that have died in the past 3 years, there have also been some few day old chicks that has been smothered and what not. I just want to make sure I'm not the only one that loses that many chickens in 3 years.

I have owned chickens for about 3 years now, I have cried miserably every time I have lost one of my feathered friends. Here are the ones I have sadly lost:

Popcorn - Died as a young chick, she unfortunately grew very ill. I took her to the vet, but it is hard to save chicks, so there was little they could do for her.

Doodle - Died from sickness. She was rescued after being dumped on the side of the road. A few months after she was rescued by me, she unfortunately became sick, and died in my arms.. She had so much personality and I really miss her.

Einstein - The best chicken I have ever had. Died from a hawk attack. He was the nicest young cockerel. He was a Houdan. I loved him. I cried and cried for weeks after I lost him. It was too sad to be true. (I am crying right now because I am thinking about him)

Snuggie - Snuggie unfortunately had a reproductive issue. Egg yolks and whites were going into her abdomen. The vet was drawing fluds from her abdomen and she sadly died. She was one of the hens we rescued along with Doodle.

Luna - Luna was taken to the vet, and while being cared for she died. She was then tested on, and it was discovered that she had reproductive cancer. She was a very sweet hen (Buff Orpington) she was also rescued along with Doodle and Snuggie.

Goose - Goose died from a coyote attack. I miss him, he was the only non-aggressive cockerel that his mother hatched. (Luckily I was able to train his brothers to be non-aggressive)

Oreo - Oreo was the sweetest little rooster. Nicest boy ever!!! He died from a really, really, bad ear infection. I miss his so so so much..

Bumblebee - Bumblebee died from a respiratory infection. He was a very nice rooster, my most recent boy to die. He had lovely tail feathers, and I miss him so much.
In the 2 years of us having chickens we had:

Mama: our best broody died from raccoon attack
Victoria: hen died from raccoon attack
Holly: hen died from raccoon attack
Miracle: 3 month old pullet died from raccoon attack
Scube: a brave 3 month old rooster died from a raccoon while protecting his hens.
Chanticleer: 3 month old rooster died of unknown disease
La Bersa: 3 month old chicken died of unknown disease
Oreo: great laying hen died from raccoon attack
Penny: oreo's chick died from raccoon attack
Betsy Ross: hen died from unknown predator
July: hen died from black snake
Else: died as a chick
Leah: died from black snake
Lucy: unknown predator
Ethel: 3 month old hen died from raccoon
Beron: Disapeared
Caroke: Disapeared
Elessar: Unknown predator
Luthian (Lucy the 2nd): she was a bantam a little bigger then my hand and she was full grown!! But died from a branch falling on her.
And the most sweetest hens out of all was Emma died while defending her eggs from a RACCOON!!
(if you can't tell I'm mad at raccoons)

we had a few more chicks we haven't named that died from sickness.
@roostersandhens . IKR, you bawl about every single one. Sorry for your losses!

@SamanthaDixie . Sorry for your losses!

@familyfarm1 . Oh my, did a raccoon get in and kill a bunch of your chickens in one night? How did a branch fall on her?
@roostersandhens . IKR, you bawl about every single one. Sorry for your losses!

@SamanthaDixie . Sorry for your losses!

@familyfarm1 . Oh my, did a raccoon get in and kill a bunch of your chickens in one night? How did a branch fall on her?
No the raccoon killed them in two nights and she was such a mall bird about the size of a 4 week old chick and was free ranging and a branch fell and plunk!
Carmel - Gone Missing
Roo The Devil - Sold
Tweety - Sold
Torpedo -Sold
Red The Cute -Old Age
WD-Forty -Old Age
Ginger -Old Age
Misty -Smothered In Chick Hood
Booster -Unknown
Duma -Sold
Spot -Hocked Foot
Cristal -Unknown
Enoch The Bad -Beaten
Buttercup -Unknown
Roxane -Unknown
Zeus -Sold
Chirpy- Butchered
Insert- Dissappeared
Dinnerbone- Butchered
Blue jay-Butchered
MR gold-Butchered
Feathers-Egg yolk Peritonitis
Chirp- Egg yolk Peritonitis
Ember- Butchered
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