The ladies have been refusing to go into their nesting area…


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Apr 5, 2021
Hi poultry lovers,
A year ago in mid- April we purchased five pullets and a nice coop kit with an upper space for them to nest in (3 sections) and spend the night (two long perches)
For the last two weeks our sweet Easter Eggers have been stubbornly refusing to go to bed on their coop’s nesting area perch. They are safest in there behind the automatic door, so we would much prefer them to overnight in there. We tried putting a small light inside but that didn’t work. If we pick them up and put them in they struggle to get back out.
At first we thought it might be the heat, then when the temps returned to tolerable and they still did not go in, we figured they had been frightened by a nighttime visitor so we put infrared nightlights on the coop to scare the visitors. So far no luck.
We aren’t quite sure what to do to convince them to sleep on the perch inside the coop enclosure.
Any suggestions? Thank you!!!


Jul 2, 2021
United Kingdom
Have you checked to see if any "uninvited pests," are sharing the coop with them? Mites may be attacking them and making it very unpleasant for the chickens to share space with them.
I agree with @drumstick diva she hadn't suggested it i would have as we had a similar thing happen a couple of years ago. And it turned out we got red mite from my aunt bringing her chicken when she moved in. It even took a good while after the red mite had been sorted before they would go back in.

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