The leghorn that wont lay!!!


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Dec 15, 2013
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I have a leghorn hen I rescued several weeks ago... she is almost a year old/10 months... and she hasnt laid an egg yet...

No she doesnt crow... she is healthy... where she was before i brought her home she wasnt laying yet either...

It's 5:00AM here, I just went outside to start supplemental lights, BUUT my rooster instantly started waking up the neighborhood crowing... so I turned light off and chalked it up to maybe thats not a good idea until we move to our new house here in a few months lol. OR I may end up taking him out there in another cage so I can use lights now... I donno what to do yet..

I don't know what to do for this bird... I just put her in a cage with my other birds segregated of course so they can get used to her... maybe once she settles into the new coop she will start laying now that she will have some friends...

only thing I can think of is she hit laying age, then fall/winter came on then a molt, maybe that just has her thrown off schedule... but I always hear leghorns should be an egg factory winter or not... I'm in texas so it aint like it is a real winter anyways, it hit 28 degrees the other night once so far...


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Nov 27, 2012
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A bird that was not laying before it was 'rescued' shouldn't be expected to be laying after being moved to a new place.

How old are your other birds and are thy laying?

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