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Apr 24, 2010
This is my crab Eugene's photo diary! He is quite a character! Please enjoy reading through his 'adventures' and join as a follower, AKA a EUGENER! (Just ask to be added as a Eugener!)

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Meet Eugene. He is a red-clawed crab that lives in my fish tank. He pretty much runs the place, being the most mischevious crab I know. He is so much fun to watch. because you never really know what in the world he'll do next.

Today Eugene woke up peacefully in his pot home that he shares with Jaws, the Red-Tailed Shark. All was good in Eugene's life.

He heard breakfast coming, so he dashed out of his pot and waited for the food.

He ate a little bit until stupid Meddling Molly came over and attemped to eat HIS food!

Well, Eugene didnt like that so he crawled up his pot and sat grumpily.

That didn't go over well with him, because Meddling Molly was still eating his food, so he decided to come down.

Using the plant as an aide to come down was certainly ingenious.

He paused for a moment to try and intimidate Molly, but she was bigger than him and didn’t seem to care.

Well, that didn’t make him very happy…

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