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Jun 18, 2013
Hessmer, Louisiana
Hi all. Just needed to share where it would be understood. I had post this on someone's thread. I know it's a bit melodramatic but we lost one of our girls tonight. They started venturing out too far this weekend and tonight when I went to shut the coop and run. I realized my dark Cornish was missing. I didn't know that one of my Reds was too. Found her right away but the Cornish is no where to be found. I've slaughtered a few flocks and it sucks to kill them but this is worse. Don't know what happened. Probably a predator. I knew we would lose a grown one at some point. Just get so darn attached to the little buggers.

I once had a Silver Laced Wyandotte disappear and never return, the most likely cause would probably be a predator because my hens roam a bit far from home.
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My favorite grey silkie disappeared during the day a few months ago ...she was two months old. She really was my favorite. I'm still sad about it. There was no sign of a struggle. No feathers. Nothing. I think a cat got her.
My Buff Orpington did disappear one day into the forest, the next day she came running towards the flock when it was feeding time. So sometimes there's a happy ending but not all the time.
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My leghorn disappeared the other night and I searched quite a while for her. When I got home in the morning and went to let the others out she was standing along the outside fence of the run just waiting to go back in. Hope yours will return too.
Yeah, we understand. Sometimes they are waiting for you the next morning, sometimes they come back in three weeks with a bunch of chicks, and sometimes they never make it back. Wish you luck with yours.

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