The most Beautiful book I have ever read.


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After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart (not a typo).

It is a story of a young woman from the time she was about 9 til 19 and her struggle to find herself and her faith. I have never read more beautiful prose before. I cannot recommend this book enough.
"Origins Of Radar", Signet Science Library, 1950s. Gotta be the most beautiful book I've ever read. Either that one or "The Curve Of Binding Energy" by John McPhee - that one's about nukey stuff.
My absolute favorite book is "Beautiful Joe" by Marshall Saunders. It is about a cur dog and his life. Brings me to tears every time I read it.
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Gifts from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. That such a gentle and forgiving spirit could be housed in a mother who had suffered from such tragic and public loss is a true lesson to us all.

Also, a polite reminder, folks: Many fiction books that are faith-based are only of interest to those of *that* faith. When recommending a book that is obviously written to or about a specific faith community, make sure to let folks know when you recommend it. Some books can transcend to speak to members of all faiths. Sadly, as many cannot as do not try. I work in an independent bookstore and have had many books returned due to a failure of the author and publisher to identify it as specific to a faith community.
I just finished that book a couple days ago, Debi.
I agree, it was WONDERFUL. It was actually one of the free downloads I got for my Kindle!
Thanx Debi for the recommendation . . . I will have to check it out.

May I reciprocate and suggest one of my absolute favorites of the past couple of years:
"Still Life with Chickens . . . Starting Over in a House by the Sea", a Memoir by Catherine Goldhammer (2006)

From the book jacket:
"In this lovely, unconventional memoir, Catherine Goldhammer wakes at midlife to find herself newly separated and several tax brackets poorer, forced by circumstance to move from the affluent New England suburb of her daughter's childhood into a new, more rustic life by the sea. Against all logic, partly to please her daughter and partly for reasons not clear to her at the time, she begins this year of transition by purchasing six baby chickens - whose job, she comes to suspect, is to pull her and her daughter forward, out of one life and into another."
ooo..i got to read that chicken book. best one i ever read was I Know This Much is True.....hit so close to home for me. devestating book really...should was an oprah's book club choice so you know it is going to be tragic....still, it was well written and i could not put it down.
I bought a book out of the clearance bin that I'm about to start, it looks so lovely! It's called "The Art of Racing in the Rain" it's by Garth Stein.

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