The Most Difficult Hatch Ever!!!!

Chickie Mamma

Farmer at Heart
11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Sherman, CT
Hello, I have hatched many times but this time was the absolute worst. I could not get the humidity past 65% and they were shrink wrapped in the shell. After playing midwife for 2 days, breaking the shells back, being very careful with the membranes, Misting the eggs through the vent holes, I have 7 adorable ducklings. 2 died shortly after pipping and thats when I
realized the others needed help.
GOOD save!!! I hate it when an incubation goes sideways. Sometimes it never is completely clear what all went wrong and the next time it's fine.

A hatch like that is how I learned to help. Glad so many made it! Congrats.
I've never had any humidity issues before. It was so frustrating
I usually have some temp issues. After realizing after the first 2 that pipped died, I cracked open the egg and noticed the "shrink-wrapping". Every hour I started misting the eggs with warm water and kept the humidity up to 80% or so. Temps stayed good with a quick spray. Then every 2 hours, I picked pieces of the shell off, and peeled a little of the membrane back (where the blood vessels would disappear) VERY nerve- racking!!
Then they did the rest, with ALOT of effort. Yes, 7 out of 12 is still a great hatch, but WOW!!!
My kids think I am a hero, and it was very rewarding in the end

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