The Muscovy Project

Buck Oakes

5 Years
Feb 9, 2014
Madison/Gluckstadt, Mississippi
Hi this is an idea created by me and another muscovy breeder on BYC so me and Laughing dog ( the other person) hope you get good ideas

See when I or my first batch of muscovies in fifth grade I was unaware inbreeding , and before I knew it those babes inbred and they had babies , and these new babies ha enormous wings! Like the average muscovy wingspan is 3 feet, the male babies wingspan got as large as 5 and a half feet! And females 4 3/4 feet ! So they have really large wings so as soon as I realized that if they bred there babies wouldn't survive or act correctly like regular muscovies. So last year I got 8 babies from Oklahoma ( wasn't allowed to get them sooner because we had to many) , they have ordinary wings but when I bred them with my other ones they're babies have slightly large wings, but not as big as their parents that were inbred. So i have found that if you were to inbreed just one generation the babies are healthy an normal and you get the acquired traits you want. I also got a male with large wings from a local farm and he is breeding with the inbred one as well and those babies are only gonna be a week old on Friday , and they already jump and flap their little wings even though they only have down it's so cute!

So anyway the project is simple if you have to inbreed for a certain trait do it once and tell us what the trait was , an maybe I you want u can find a way to trade muscovies and get that trait in your flock , good luck everyone :thumbsup

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