The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Nov 29, 2010
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I am still down by San Diego about fifteen miles inland... and Its cold down here. Sixty during the day and low thirties at night. Up home It will be lower than that but not by much. About ten degrees overall.

No snow of course but I know it has snowed in the past month up there. It never lasts more than three or four days. And then its only snow thats shaded by the Chaparal.

For what its worth Down here near San Diego the elevation is about 200 feet. Up in the High desert its around 3000 feet and in the rain shadow of a 5000 foot range of mountains. There has to be alot of moisture to pass over the mountains to get to my house.

This is good Hopefully the Water table will rise back up from the 100 feet it dropped during the drought.



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Apr 19, 2012
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And thanks for welcomeing me! I thought you had to have a birthday or something special!
We often use this thread to wish people other than @N F C a happy birthday since she has only 1 per year.

where is kane?
Click on it in the text of her info left of her posts and Google Maps will pop up at that location.

As long as you don't call me KFC, we'll be ok :lol:
I made that mistake once, brain just wasn't functioning right. I have (mostly) recovered from the beating that resulted ;)

You want to pouch the veg.

A late Welcome @Duckfarmer1 Not a morning person persay Just still havent gone to bed.
You, @drumstick diva and @KDOGG331 can have a "we forgot to go to bed" klatch!

Hi Deb, I bet it would. I've never had enough left over to try.
Double batch!!!!
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