The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Apr 11, 2010
Good morning all

Sure is! I'd rather see a few inches of snow than just enough to make the boards slick.

So turn off the alerts when you should be asleep!

Sounds like a good plan to me!

Graduated HS in '74, first born in '93 ;)
Graduated high school in 72, I was a year older than most..late birthday. Your first was in 93?! I got an earlier start on that... except...had my first and only with the sweetheart that I'm with now..born in 93.


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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Ok...I thought you were up there..close to me in age. . I think you might be a tad older. 😜. We have a third great on the way.. possibly this month! Whoot!
My grandkids are slow starters. :lau Hopefully we will live long enough for great grands. Realistically I think that the youngest is our best shot.


May 12, 2010
scottdale pa & defuniak springs fl
We are close to a new lockdown period here. Los Angeles has one already.

Watch the panic purchases!
i noticed today that wally world still had t paper, but they didn't have the 24 cartons of pepsi products, stock person said they probably wouldn't until sometime after the first of the year, guess i better get some more dr.pepper and tea bags cause i do not drink plain water
things seem to be so called normal here, most people are wearing their masks, but i did see people not wearing them too
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