~The Nightwalkers Triology;into the darkness~ A novel written by you!


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Jan 1, 2011
Basic Plot:
Reive is a normal girl, or so she thought. One day a new boy starts at school, and tells her she is a Nightwalker. Reive thinks he is lying so she ignores it for a while. The boy takes her from her bed one night, and teleports them to a strange place. The people there change at night…they change into something no one wants to be around. This is Reive's story of losing all that she believed in.

Post paragraphs, this is not an RP.
You can write for any of the characters
This is in 1st person, which means we see the world through Reive's eyes
I may use your ideas for something I am writing at the moment.
I fiddled with my pen. Class was boring as usual. Mr. Goosehead, as we called him was jabbering on about the night walkers. There was no need to tell us, we already knew, and the nightwalkers weren't coming anytime soon. There used to be a joke going around that I was a Nightwalker, I looked just like what Mr. Goosehead had described; Black hair, pale skin, green eyes. I guess I could be, I never met my father. But no, it couldn't be.
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I was almost asleep when the bell rung. I jusmped out of my seat and dashed for the door. Thank you! Saved by the bell, yet again. I dont think I could've taken anymore of that boring lecture. Although i didnt seem to care, I couldnt get the night walker business out of my mind. I looked like one. My father could be one. So what?
The next day, I was all suited up and ready to head out the door. After walking a couple of blocks to school, I arrived in my classroom. Sitting in the seat next to mine was a new boy. Strangely, he looks just like me. SAme hair, same eyes, same skin. He leaned over to me. "Hi Reive. I'm Richard, your brother. I am a Nightwalker." Holy moly! I was too stunned by what this kid just told me that I stared at him with my mouth wide open. I muttered a quick wha-wha-what? when he looked at me and said "You heard me." I gaped at him. "I dont believe you." I remarked, not really thinking. "You should, or I can prove it to you." he said menacingly. I wasnt scared, but I shouldve been. I had no idea what I was up against.

(I'm swelling with ideas for this story! Im so urged to start my own novel written by you! Haha!)
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On the way to my next class I noticed there were signs up everywhere. They all read:
The nightwalkers have returned!
Dear citizens of the Darkedge, I am sorry to report to you that the Nightwalkers have become active again. Citizens are advised to keep their doors and windows locked, and to stay inside at night. Please report to the police if you see anyone suspicious.
Thankyou for your cooperation,
Richerd Snydly, Mayor of the Darkedge.

I shrugged and kept walking. Maybe that boy was right.
One sign was more peculiar than the others, and by its messy handwriting I could tell a kid had written it:
Rumors have been going around about these Nightwalkers.
They're true, I tell you.
Watch out for me.

This one creeped me out enough before I saw the eye. A green eye, glittering and blinking on the paper. My first thought was that someone had punched a hole in the paper and was standing behind it, but then I knew it wasn't true. I ran off, trying to keep down the shriek of terror that was overwhelming me.

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