The oddest ingrown feather!

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  1. Gallus gallus

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Hello all! Almost nine years ago, I received my first chicks, and, with though I was a complete amateur, with advice from my former-farmer father, I rather successfully raised them to adulthood. Now I have one old hen left, who's vibrant and energetic as always but has been developing more health issues as she ages. (Perhaps the most surprising happening was several years ago, when she sprouted spurs that have developed into intimidating little things!)

    Anyways, this year I've encountered two feather-related issues: First, she refuses to preen nearly at all. I think this began after her companion was euthanized last year - perhaps preening is promoted by social interaction? Either way, that relative lack of cleanliness, plus a new, broader perch, has lead to her vent feathers to become increasingly soiled. I've washed her before, when this became an issue last year, but it's a rather difficult experience. Is there any way to avoid this soiling? Currently, I'm adding more greens to her diet and am allowing her to graze more, since I've read that feeding more greens makes for less sticky poops.

    Secondly, I noticed a few days ago that she has the oddest ingrown feather - on her belly-flanks region, there's a feather that appears to have erupted normally, then punctured the skin again, and erupted again and grew normally. Weird? Definitely. It's a little red where the feather entered the skin, to no surprise! I was wondering if anyone else encountered this before and if anyone has recommendations. The plan I thought of was to cut the feather shaft where it erupts out of the skin normally, then carefully remove the other end of the feather from the skin-and to use lots of Neosporin! Any help is appreciated.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I think that your plan to remove the feather sounds fine. Its certainly weird! I've never had a chicken with ingrown feathers.

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