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Here are a few things about the egg. If you see anything else that should be added just post. This is a work in progress.

Post your first egg

Websites with a lot of Information

Egg parts,etc.

Egg Freshness

There are a few ways to tell how fresh an egg is. The easiest way is the float test. It is when you float the egg in water and if it floats the egg is old. If it sinks it is fresh. This is due to the egg gaining air through the shell as it ages causing it to float.

The second way is the egg candling. This is similar to how you check that there is a baby in the egg. To check for freshness you look at the air cell If it is small than it is fresh. If it is large the egg is older. You can also tell with this method if there are any blood, or meat spots and if the egg is cracked.

Egg Grades

AA, A and B are 3 egg grades. Their grade mostly depends on how good the egg is. It can be graded by the air cell, egg white and yolk, and shell quality.

Do I need a Rooster?

No you do not need a rooster to get an egg. Roosters are only there to fertilize the egg for hatching eggs.

How to tell if an egg is fertilized

Egg Diseases

Some websites with info. Eggs Become Contaminated

Shell less eggs?

This can be caused by a number of things. The hen could be low on calcium or have a calcium absorption problem. Also new layers will lay shell less eggs. They can be due to there bodies not in the rhythm of laying eggs yet.

Where are my eggs

There are many reasons for not getting eggs. Some of the most common are, Molting, Egg Eating, predictors and Hidden eggs.


Where are my egg Threads?

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this is a good idea!...okay..i'd like to there any way you can get sick from eggs?..such as: parasites,worms disease..etc...thanks, Wendy:)


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This id due to the egg gaining air through the shell as it ages causing it to float.

There is a small typo.​


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No you do not need a rooster to get an egg.

My wife works at a hospital and had a doctor ask "how are you getting eggs without a rooster?"


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One other small typo, near the end of the sentence under egg grades. Yolk, not yoke.

Very useful links! Thanks for setting this up. Can we get some candling links on there or is that a separate posting?

Oh, under the Shell-less egg thing, I think that it says "me" instead of "by" in the first sentence.

I like this AEB thread also - it has a lot of interesting facts and explanations.


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