The Ohiki Thread!

Real ones are extremely rare and very hard to find.
If you cant find any, you can make your own, they wont be the true one, but do look very similar
Bred cochins to phoenix, just dont sell them as true ohiki
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I found some in DALLAS TX. didn't get them though.

from Military peeps who imported them along with all types of pure jungle fowls & all types of oriental breeds.

I lost their info, but it might give you a lead to some. it was a (512)***-**** area code,
Ohiki are adorable and gorgeous! If anyone finds someone who sells eggs, I'd love to hear about it. I understand they're rare, though--maybe more people will eventually import some. I'd love a little trio!

Seeing as I like to try new mixes, BBB if I did breed a cochin to a phoenix whats the best way? Cochin hen and phoenix roo? The other way around,or it doesn't matter?
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The truth is most reputable breeders choose not to sell eggs. Not that there is anything wrong with selling eggs. Most people just put too much work, time and money in their bird to sell eggs for a few buck. Besides the hatchability is normally so bad all you wind up with is a bunch of mad customers because the post office abused the eggs on the way. If you read feedbacks on people who sells eggs on auction sites you will see what I am talking about. Even if people are warned about the risks of shipping eggs they still blame the seller. I throw away tons of eggs people would like to have for these very reasons. I have found that I am better off to spend a little more money and just get birds.

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