The ol scaly leg mite & comb issues


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Dec 7, 2017
hello everyone!!
So I have 6 ladies and one rooster everyone else is great, but I noticed this little lady that her scales are a little odd, thought maybe it was the dirt cuz it's only some of them to take precautions I soaked
her legs in the tub today and lubbed them up w Vaseline

Is this the right thing to do? And how often should I be doing this? Also, her comb unsure if it's frostbite or something else..?! Ideas thoughts concerns are appreciated!!
You should treat coop twice every time you clean it.Eo this to her and everybody else everyday for a week.
Did this and it helped but still seem to be an issue months later.Will treat them again but for now I don’t stress over it.Lots of time hens will have notes not a lot maybe none at all but as long as they can dustbathe they will be fine.

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