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Release the Ferrets!!
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Jan 18, 2008
There's your "in" Kdogg! ;)
Personally *I* think you would rather work at a pet store than a movie theater given how much you like animals, ALL animals.

BTW PetSmart had Glofish Bettas! Will they stop at nothing with GMO fish??
:lau she probably worked a long way away from me!

And yeah I think you are probably right. But I was a bit nervous at how much I’d have to know haha but I probably know more than a lot of the kids there currently haha I’ve done tons of research/accumulated lots of knowledge on lots of stuff over the years haha

I just thought I might like the movies cause it’s a lot of young people and seemed fun and you get free movie tickets :lau or at least cheap. Same for concessions. :D and I’m a huge night owl haha And it’s a pretty easy job.

But I know way more about animals and I do think I would be happier being with the animals every day haha

And I don’t need endless popcorn and soda :lau but the movie tickets are cool lol

And really!? They make GloFish Bettas now!? I know they do tetras and stuff but didn’t realize about bettas. :th


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Jun 19, 2013
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BTW PetSmart had Glofish Bettas! Will they stop at nothing with GMO fish??
I bought a nice set up for my middle daughter, years ago, when Glofish were fairly new. She's had them for years. If I remember correctly, she said they usually don't live as long as their non modified counterparts, but a lot depends on how old, and how well cared for, they were when you got them. Every so often, she'll tell me the colors she needs, and how many. Usually she want's several, so they become part of her birthday present. They are pretty, and look great in a tank.


Chick Magnet!
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Feb 1, 2010
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I thought I read one of them gives you a grooming kit when you go through the training. I will have to check. I think it was Petco though not PetSmart but idk.
Well maybe a brush and comb, nail clippers etc. Fur clippers and blades are the major expense. I got Oster A5 clippers.
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