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Sep 6, 2016
This is my chickens favorite dusting spot. I work by the porch so I can keep an eye on them watch them and if I leave their sight, they run up to the porch looking for me.An hour ago They squawked louder then ever before and I saw an explosion of chickens.. as the dust cleared one chicken flew higher then the others. And I realized-that's not a chicken!!I think it was a little gray hawk! It's the first time I saw such a small hawk and one that seemed like it was inches from the ground, if it didn't hit the ground. I usually see large ones soaring in the skies. Needles to say, I ended up crawling on hand and knees into the privacy hedge to dig out some growling chickens one by one.
My house isn't in the picture-I'm up the hill from their dusting spot. They never go down to the road-they stay along the tree line, I think because of the Hawks


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