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11 Years
Aug 6, 2008
Kenai, Alaska
How would you want to cook a hen that is just over a year old? I read that light brahmas are dual purpose, and mine are 14 mos. old. would they be best in a stew/crockpot, or can I use them as roasting? (I actually picture them in a roasting pan with lots of stuffing)

I read that they have a tendancy toward fatness, and mine proved that true. They are huge...they hog the food, and they don't share. Plus they're getting mean about it. I really don't have the funds for just those two, plus my other 2 dozen chickens.

Last year i fried a hen that was over 2 years old...and was really disappointed, it was like chewing a rubber band...(what was i thinking?)

I have a few to process any way...also does/did any one else have the weight problem with their light brahmas?
Probibly to put em in the crockpot till the meat falls off the bone
Older birds do best with very slow moist cooking methods, low heat for a long time with a good amount of liquid. They're supposed to be extremely flavorful, more than the young birds we're used to eating. Be sure also to let them rest in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before cooking. You may even want to soak them in brine or buttermilk too.
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