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    Aug 26, 2012
    This is a game I made up. :) What you do, is one person will write out a prompt, and then the next person makes up a small (or large) story from the prompt. For example:

    Person 1 ; Prompt: What if the world really revolved around you?

    Person 2 ; Story: Sometimes I wonder if the world revolves around me. Did she do that just because I am living? Does the world exist only because of me? These sorts of questions flow through my mind everyday. Sometimes I think that I am just going crazy, for even thinking these things. But it seems practical to me. I wonder if people do what they do, just because of me. Like they know that they are setting up this world for me to live in. Every night I try to think it through, but I just can't find a conclusion. Nah, they aren't doing this because of me. Everyone has their own life, right? What if they don't? What if every living being on earth is sent out on a mission to complete my life with good things and bad things? But sometimes I wonder if what my thoughts are, are really true. To me, I have the best family possible to have and can't imagine having any other. And then I see other families that are so ignorant of each other. Are they only ignorant to each other, to make it seem like I have an even better family? My mind runs with questions day in and day out. I lay there in bed sometimes, unable to sleep because I can't stop thinking about this question: Does the world really revolve around me?

    HAVE FUN! :D

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