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    So this is going to be a work in progress thread... Our barn burnt down (with all of our livestock) on February 11th 2013. I wanted to start a thread on the progress. Read the details HERE on BYC.

    The Floor plan
    "Hope this makes sense... Justine drew this out herself. We didn't like the plans that the image of the barn showed. We need a really big area for the poultry, as well as breeding pens against the back for outdoor runs. I hope it brings it up larger when you click.. The long boxes against the wall are windows.. the doors are open. The little square boxes are outlets. Everything else is marked (except the lights in the 14 x 4 foot breeding pens (which by the way - 1 is supposed to be 6 x 14 feet.. whoops. Will have to fix it.

    Thoughts? Did I mention all doors are double dutch style? Oh and the hot water tank and fuse box will go in the tractor or wash/feed room."

    Our exterior appearance idea. It will not have a loft, just the appearance of one.

    Our previous barn before the fire.


    What we have now...

    Our Facebook page will have the most recent updates, but I will post here as well.
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  2. brahmabreeder

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    Feb 22, 2012
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    First off I'm sorry about your barn[​IMG]. Now as far as your barn design I wanted to add something as a thought. If you plan on raising up chickens they will need a grow out pen until they can be integrated into the large area you showed for the chickens. Maybe cut a section off the large area and divide it in half?
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    I agree. It is too bad that you won't utilize the upper area as a loft. May be a good place to store misc or haw/straw. I use to store hay/straw in the equipment barn with my tools/tractor/lawn equipment. I am glad that I built a seperate 8x16 ft shed just for haw/straw. It was really messy in the equipment barn. Not sure if you have another barn for equipment I always need more storage space. Sorry about your livestock and barn loss!!
  4. aoxa

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    I have a 10 x 12 baby barn that will be utilized for hay storage.

    I never had a grow out area before, but the breeding pens pictured can be used for that as well. I always integrated straight from the brooder at 6-8 weeks depending on weather, but I'll keep it in mind!

    The only issue with the loft is the extra expense. We had a loft before and never used it. That's why I'm hesitant to add it here.
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    Are you hesitant in adding the loft because of cost in labor or cost in materials? I would think it would be better to build it with the loft as a precaution that you "might" decide that you need it or want it-- just a thought-- could you have it framed up for a loft at the very least but not finish it out with the decking and so forth and so on? That would save on some material costs and probably some significant labor cost as well and make it easy if you decide to add it later!

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you...
  6. aoxa

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    I'll enquire about it.. We just have a set budget with the insurance company. Stairs would be very pricey alone.. Again, it all depends on the price.

    Thank you
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    Nah - just put a ladder... and a big swirly slide coming down! How fun would that be someday? LOL!
    Or to save space, you might be able to find an old spiral staircase on Craig's List or something (do you have CL up there?) It would save space, too.
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  8. aart

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    That's a great drawing, and I'm drafter by trade.[​IMG]
    What kind of tractor do you have, that area's kind of small unless it's L&G tractor.

    I agree might be good to find out if the loft could be framed but not floored or staired.
  9. Kaitie09

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    The mention of stairs just reminded me of this video. It is a homemade gas spring assisted staircase that retracts back up into the loft. It seems pretty simple to make the actal stairs, and I bet it would be much cheaper than real ones.
  10. aoxa

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    Slide! YESSS! That would be so much fun lol
    Thank you :)

    The tractor is just a small ride on mower. We have a trailer attachment for the back as well. Nothing like real farm equipment.

    Nice idea. I'm going to get them to quote just the lower level first and see how much left we have to work with. It would be nice, but I'm thinking too costly.

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