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Well, here we go again!!!

Hatch #4 just arrived via our lovely mail delivery lady, our Red Golden Pheasant eggs!!!

Skip had been telling everyone about the eggs that I'd ordered for I told him the truth, today, while he helped me unpack them.

Skip: I'm so glad you are cool with this and ordered these eggs for me!

Me: Well, um, I need to tell you something...the first time I saw a picture of those birds I just knew I had to have some (red is my favorite color)...but I never said a word because I didn't want to push my luck by adding to the ever-growing menagerie. So, I kinda kept quiet until you saw a pic of them.

Skip: Okay...

Me: Remember how quickly I went on the search to find hatching eggs for them, after you told me we HAD to have a few? Well, it was all a set-up, I just let you think I was getting them for you...I used you as my "Skip-goat"/scapegoat (we always make jokes about each others' names).

Skip: No worries, Babe, glad you wanted them that bad, too!


I'm glad he has been bitten by the hatching bug as bad as I have been.

He helped me unpack the eggs so they can settle before we put them in the bator. There are still a few of our eggs in there but all is quiet. I'm going to warm a towel in the dryer to put our unhatched eggs in, just incase a few more decide to hatch...while I clean/disinfect the bator. I never got a chance to remove the turner before our eggs began hatching as they started early, according to the dates I had written down...


edited to add...Got the bator cleaned and set the eggs at approximately 6 p.m.. They're so tiny next to the banty eggs...will post pix as soon as I get them off the camera.
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Pix of the RGP eggs...

Getting them ready to settle after they arrived...


In the bator. (the 6 in the center)...


I love how they make the Banty eggs look so big...


Is it April 22nd yet???

I'm glad I had the calender dates right...the RGP are due to start hatching today (not the 22nd)!

We noticed alot of movement in the 3 viable eggs, yesterday. Around 1 p.m. today, we noticed a pip on one of them, about 3 hours later it busted out of the shell...









We'll be using our old cattle panel Harley shed (plus 2 more panels, for a total of 4 panels) for their coop/run area.(8' x 32' total area)


Skip wanted to build their aviary up on the front hillside, but once we got the old shed "frame" up there, we realized just how uneven and hillish the area was...


So we decided to build it on the last, somewhat level spot in the back yard (which is where I wanted it to begin with)...



Will post more pics of the hatch and aviary progress as they happen! This was the best belated birthday present, ever!!!

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I'm hatching the same thing you are too! Except, its only one egg. My hen only laid weird but anyways, stil incubate it for hope.

Just curious, its 23 days right and is the temp and hum pretty much the same as chickens?


- Tommy
I just saw some of peachicks pheasants today and they are beautiful I had two chicks but because I did not know about gamebirds they did not make it. The adult male is truly one of the most stunning creatures on earth.

Congrats, I know they will be beautiful when grown!
How many hatched out of your 6 eggs?

Do you just use the same temps and everything as chickens?
Do they go longer or 21 days as well?

Congrats again!!
Hi All!

Thanks for the replies!

I found the hatching info for the Red Goldens to be kind of conflicting, so I went by this chart...

I maintained a temp of 99.5 - 100 degrees F.

Humidity is a bit higher than it is for chicken chicks... 60 - 65% then upped to 80 - 85% the last 3 days.

The eggs started day 22 last night at 6 p.m..

So far, only the one has hatched but still seeing movement in the other 2 eggs and hearing peeps. Can't see any pips but they could be on the back-side, where I can't see them...

I'm using a HovaBator 1583 Circulated Air with egg turner. We ordereded it from Strombergs.

Out of the 6, only 3 were viable and only 1 has hatched at this point...patience is a vulture!

Well, I'm gonna get outside for awhile so I can quit staring at the bator...


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