The Reluctant Rooster

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    During the week of Thanksgiving me and my family took the chickens down to St George Island, we had our four little feathered friends (all presumed to be hens) packed up in the truck and we headed down. Our newer ones, Blue and Lucy, were really acting "lovey dovey" towards each other. We got to the island and kept them in a fenced in yard about 20 ft by 20ft. they slept in a large dog cage in a storage space in the yard. Then, Lucy started having odd changes. She would peck at my hand if i got to close to her or Blue. She would defiantly protect Blue from anything, even attacking dogs ten times her size if they got to close. Her crown started to grow and get bright red, her wattles drooped low and glowed red. Her neck feathers became sharp and fluorescent, a beautiful shade of dark red. The tip of her tail feathers turned white and became fluorescent, and grew longer and started to droop.
    There were some little bumps on her legs that started growing like wildfire, turning into starter spurs. We all knew, "she" was a "he". Everyone took great respect in the rooster, as he could definitely do some damage with his claws and beak. So the three hens had a hubby, Blue really took a liking to him, even more than before. We brought back the chickens when Thanksgiving was over, and the little rooster has been growing like a weed. He grows seemingly a inch taller a day, though not true. But he is bulking up, and eating like never before. He does not tolerate being picked up at all, and he is the only chicken in the coop that will stand up to Big Berta, the queen of the coop (although i suspect she might be overruled by Blue when she gets bigger, as she is a bigger breed). I hope he is a rooster, though i havent gotten used to the thought of having one. The first couple weeks i just called him "Rooster" or "Roo" since "Lucy" didnt quite fit. After a marathon of Bonanza i decided to name him Little Joe, as he was a scrappy young fellow with a hankering for trouble. So ends this tale of crows (get it? tale of woes?), although my little Joe hasnt let one loose yet, but i think there no reason for it. This Spring i will definitely breed my Little Joe with his sweetheart Blue, and see what results. Joe was reluctant to show his true face, but in the end did so truly. Thus ends the tale of the Reluctant Rooster.

    P.S. I think he was born female, but tuned male due to no rooster being around, i heard somewhere this could happen. Is this true?
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    Wonderful story.

    No, they don't change sex once they hatch. Once a male always a male.
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    When raising chicks you just don't know who the males are until the testosterone kicks in. Little Joe sounds devoted to his gal, Blue. If you let her hatch out eggs just keep in mind that half of them could turn out to be roosters.

    I love my roosters because they are such characters. But we had to build more coops once we had multiple roosters.

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