The 'RESCUED' eggs are hatching!

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  1. Good grief, it's a miracle ANY of these eggs made it .
    I set Campine and NN Frizz green egger eggs on the 6th under 2 broody hens.
    On the morning of the 9th, ALL the eggs from BOTH nests were kicked out on the coop floor and about half were broken outright or cracked.
    I brought the intact eggs inside and put them in the incubator.
    On 3/14, I needed the space in the bator for shipped eggs, so I moved those eggs BACK outside to a broody hen that had made her nest on the floor of a coop.
    That was fine til I had a busted water hose that flooded that coop last week --- the whole floor of the coop was 4" deep and I was sure the eggs had perished.
    I'd just candled some shipped eggs in the bator and had a bunch of non-developers, so I put the poor flooded eggs BACK in the bator.
    This morning, Hubby woke me up to say, " Sounds like your chicks are hatching", "No, can't be. No chicks in the hatcher and don't wake me up again" (I wrenched my best knee and I was sleeping deeply).

    I had 3 chicks hatched in the turner already this morning!!
    I was expecting, with all the off and on and being flooded out, they'd be a day or so (or more) late.
    I never cease to be amazed [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    That's awesome Lisa! Isn't is amazing how much those eggs can go through and still make it to hatch. So cool. Congrats and great save!

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    Nov 19, 2007
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    chickens are so strange,learn something every day
  4. Well, those first 3 NNEE's hatched Thurs night and nothing else til last (Sat) night --- 2 Campine chicks popped out and another NNEE just a minute ago.
    2 of the last 4 eggs are pipped, but drraaagging.
    I need them to go ahead and do what they are going to do if they're gonna do it!
    Those first 3 chicks are getting hungry.

    It looks like at least 8 of the 10 are going to hatch.

    I nearly tossed those eggs after they got flooded, honestly, I didn't think it was possible they'd live after sitting under water like that.
    Glad I didn't, these are my first Campine chicks of the season [​IMG]

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    Awesome story Lisa!!!!!!!! Glad you didn't give up on them!!! Good lesson for all of us
  6. Finally out of the hatcher...


    2 feather neck chicks from the NNEE cross


    and 3 naked neck chicks from the NNEE cross:


    In the face of total adversity, 9 of the 10 eggs that weren't broken by getting kicked out of the nests survived being completely submerged for who-knows-how-long and hatched --- go chicks.
    The last chick that hatched has some foot issues and they were all the goopiest, wettest chicks I've ever hatched --- but they hatched, by gosh!

    They have none of the problems associated with high humidity(no naval problems), just very wet, goopy, and sticky chicks (they all got a rinse in 100 degree water as they came out of the hatcher, they were so goopy).

    Lisa (amazed and astounded)
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    always changing
    That is so awesome! Really cute chickies!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Dec 4, 2007
    wow, those are some tough chicks!
    congrats [​IMG]
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    Awwww Cute fluffy butts! [​IMG]
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    That IS amazing!! Congratulations!! After reading all the posts on turn, don't turn, water wigglers, high temp, low temp, when exactly is Day 21, high humidity, low humidity, on and on and on. And you just did what should have been impossible....truly amazing!!

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